Artist on a serious mission to take the positive vibes of roots rock reggae to the four corners of the globe. Presenting to the world positive up-lifting music with a story to tell.


I-MARA [The Truth Defender]

Born in Roaring River, St. Thomas, on the beautiful island of Jamaica, I-Mara, “The truth defender,” at birth, was given the name Courtney Mark Anthony Stewart.
Realizing his strength and true purpose in life, this Songwriter/Recording Artiste adopted this new name I-Mara, which means “Solid and Firm.” In his pursuits in life, I-Mara is ever conscious of the challenges that may face him, consequently, his guiding words are, “Let love and truth be the foundation of your heart.” This resilient brother has relied on his strong spiritual awareness to direct the path of his career.

I-Mara received his training at the Edna Manley College of the Visual & Performing Arts (Music Department) specializing in Ear and Vocal techniques. He recorded his first single in 1989; “Iron Bars.”

During a stint as the lead-singer of the roots Reggae group ABBASANI, I-Mara toured Mexico in 1996, and released his first album with the group, entitled “Let I Go.” The group unfortunately broke up after returning home from Mexico, and a devastated, I-Mara was forced to place his career on hold for a while, weighing up all the options, as he contemplated on which direction he should take. After much personal deliberation, I-Mara decided to launch his solo career, and released a single and a music video entitled “Don’t Fight Yourself,” which received good rotation on both radio and television locally. This was followed up by a remake of his first single “Iron Bars,” and later by the single “Ten Feet Tall,” which both also received good rotation locally. I-Mara however went back into the studios and seriously got down to business, where he worked painstakingly to complete his new project; an album entitled “Don’t Take it Personal,” on the Roots Rock label.

Punctuality, hard work and dedication are major elements of this talented singer’s career. He also answers to the name Haile Maskel, given to him after his baptism in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, which means Power of the Cross. This has further boosted I-Mara’s faith in the positive energy of life.

In addition to his tour of Mexico, I-Mara has made numerous personal appearances locally, and is currently performing across the island of Jamaica, promoting his new album.


Ten Feet Tall

Written By: M Boothe

Never let the system get you down
Never let it make you wear a frown
You’ve only one life to live
So your best shot you’ve got to give

I’m standing ten feet tall
Standing ten feet tall
Standing ten
Ten feet tall
I’m standing ten feet tall
Standing ten feet tall
Standing ten
Above them all

Things may not be like you want then to be
So be wise you gotta trod carefully
There maybe obstacles in your way
Just remember Rome wasn’t built in one day

Living in this world of inequality
Just make sure you keep your sanity
Facing all kinds of constraints everyday
In this life you dues you’ve got to pay

Bad boys

Written By: S Mc Daniel

Bad boys don’t skin and bad boys don’t play
You better be careful hear what I say
Day in day out they roam the town
When you think them done
They only begun
Robbing and looting they will lie and deceive
They have no fear so you better beware
Of those bad boys
Dog heart bad boys
Dem de bad boys

Watch where you going and watch what you do
Who you talk to and what you say
They’ll cut you up and shoot you down
And when dem done say dem a de don of the town
Dem living in a ghost town
Living in a shanty town
Living in a ghost town
Living in a shanty town

They seem to wear on their faces a permanent screw
On dem faces they seem to wear a permanent screw
And by the looks in their eyes I can see
That they’re all gone astray
And there’s no love in their hearts
Although they think that tomorrow
Will bring a brighter day
Bad Boys
I’m talking bad boys
Bad boys

World Affairs [feat. Luciano]

Written By: M. Boothe/P Barclay

Another war in the world cannot be justified
We’re now discovering that someone has lied
Is this the world for only Bushes and Blairs
We’ve come to realize their games are unfair

They’re destroying the world
Disturbing the peace
Oh Jah Jah help us now
Before it’s too late
They’re destroying the world
Setting their date
Stop them
Stop them
Before it’s too late

How many more will suffer, how many must die?
Mothers and children, constantly they cry
So many lives gone down in vain
Can’t you see, the leaders are insane

Now the church is in so much turmoil
All kinds of homosexuals preach and walk the aisle
Isn’t this the place where the Almighty dwells
Let’s take back the land from the hands of the vile


Latest work - 19 track album entitled: "Don't Take it Personal" plus many other singles, some yet to be released, including "World Affairs," a duet with Reggae giant Luciano.
New CD coming out soon!!

Set List

It all depends - maybe five or 7 or 8 songs. A cover song or two done - typically love songs