Imarhan Timbuktu
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Imarhan Timbuktu

Timbuktu, Tombouctou Region, Mali | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | INDIE

Timbuktu, Tombouctou Region, Mali | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2000
Band World Blues




"48 Best Things We Saw at SXSW 2014"

“stretching blues licks into rolling grooves that never seemed to end” - Rolling Stone

"Imharhan Bring Their Hypnotically Intense, Relevant Malian Desert Rock Jams to Littlefield"

Issa’s distinctive, kinetic lines immediately take centerstage on the first number, Aicha Talamomt, ringing out with precise hammer-ons and sputtery but resonant accents over a snaky camelwalk groove. Although Imharhan’s music is typically hypnotic and reflective, this is one of the band’s more sonically adventurous, rock-oriented tracks: the rhythm guitarist plays through a wah pedal, and Issa’s crescendoing attack is as close to western stadium rock as you’ll ever find in this otherwise psychedelic, slinky style of music. - New York Music Daily

"Imarhan TImbuktu Akal Warled"

though they're not that new, having been around since 1993, regularly playing the Festival au Desert as well as touring further afield in Europe and the States (in fact, they just played SXSW). They also share members with the aforementioned Tartit. But this is the first recording we've had from this Tuareg ensemble, lead by guitarist/vocalist Mohammed Issa Ag Oumar El Ansar (also simply known as Medissa). It's largely a family affair with Medissa and his brother on interwoven electric guitars, and their two sisters backing them up with traditional hand drums. There's also a bass player, and someone rockin' the calabash (a gourd-based percussion instrument). Together they provide more of that rhythmically satisfying, intricate desert blues goodness we've come to expect from all these exciting groups from the Sahara. Proud musical transmissions from a culture in turmoil and transition, protest music that's definitely danceable, with twanging, jangling, sometimes searing guitar, and jubilant, mellifluous vocal lines. Great stuff. - Aquarius Records

"CD Review: Imarhan Timbuktu's 'Akal Warled'"

The music saunters along with majestic cadences, back-up vocal trills, and lilting guitars performing memorable riffs, licks, and chords. One of the highlights, "Tarha Tazar," possesses a great rhythm and melody. Fans of North African guitar music will love it. - Inside World Music


Akal Warled  (March 2014) 



At dance clubs and private parties in Northern Mali, IMARHAN TIMBUKTU [Those Who Love Timbuktu] had provided much of the grooving soundtrack to life there over the past 10 years.  Local favorite and featured artist at the legendary Festival au Desert along with their sister group, TARTIT, IMARHAN TIMBUKTU have toured Europe and North America bringing the contemporary music of their culture to world audiences.  Grounded in traditional Saharan repertoire, IMARHAN TIMBUKTU developed their unique sound to clearly represent an authentic Tuareg contemporary expression influenced by the sounds of the world.  This is a connected generation.  Youll find them on facebook, twitter and youtube.  You will find them engaged with local issues as those issues have become world issues.  As witnesses to the incredible political forces shattering their world, IMARHAN TIMBUKTU create riveting music.  Their electric instruments mix with traditional hand drums. The lyrics breath notes of nostalgia, loss, celebration and pride.  The many experiments and collaborations with which the members have been involved over the years have moved this Tuareg desert blues to fresh coordinates.  The groups leader, Mohamed Issa Ag Oumar, with searing guitar notes and clear voice takes IMARHAN TIMBUKTU into a swirl of rhythmic variation.  Backing him is younger brother, Ousmane Ag Oumar, with solid rhythm lines across the entire aural universe of their music while underneath the insistent tinde hand drumming of their sisters, Fadimata Walet Oumar and Zeinabou Walet, establish the foundation.  Their contrapuntal propulsion and vocal shouts drive the cadence forward.  Adding bass and calabash, the group brings everyone to their feet.  This is dance music.  It is protest music.  It is music that affirms a culture under siege.  IMARHAN TIMBUKTU represents a new wave of Tuareg music, proud of their heritage and bravely looking forward to the future.  Their first album, AKAL WARLED, was released worldwide on 18 March 2014.

Mohamed Issa Ag Oumar - lead guitar and vocal

Ousmane Ag Oumar - rhythm guitar and backing vocal

Fadimata Walet Oumar - percussion and backing vocal

Zeinabou Walet Oumar - percussion and backing vocal

Baba Traore - bass

Band Members