i try to be myself.... over the yrs i have come into my own and fell like i have origionality... all i care about it making people relate and FEEL something.... i try to give every one of my songs one of those points that just makes you say "wow" and feel like it is real....


I was born in 1982 in Massechuesetts, CT. raised in Connecticut with my two younger brothers by my mother and stepfather until age twelve. At age twelve moved from Connecticut to Texas to Illinois to New Mexico. With the moving i became i little socially detached and found an amazing relationship with music. I didn't care at all about learning it, i just loved to hear it and loved the way it made me feel. At age 18 i began to want to create those feelings and tell other people my own feelings through that same medium. i began singing and 3 years later began to play the guitar. i always preffered to stay raw and just let the emotion speak for itself. Inspired by Alice n' Chains, Fuel, Nirvana, Hootie and the blowfish, Stone Temple Pilots, and many other amazing bands I have never felt the need to use fancy soloing or singing to get emotion out of a listener. I believe that less is more most of the time. Now i am 25 and have written roughly 17 songs. I have written more than 21 actually. Only 17 of them are acutally any good though (ha ha ha). And now i feel like i want to show everyone.


I have just a few homemade recordings sitting on myspace.

Set List

origionals only i can do a 1- 2 45min sets with my own material.

with origionals and covers mixed i can do a solid
4- 5 45min sets with mostly alternative rock, some country, and a little 70's rock