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Sherman, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF

Sherman, TX | SELF
Established on Jan, 2017
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"Dallas Boys on Fire"

Dallas Boys’ Music is On FIRE!!September 6th, 2009 at 9:31 pm - KEEP ON FLOWIN’
Two Dallas based artists released a new mixtape this week. Young Cous and Y2j released Untitled Classic, a collection of tracks aimed at announcing a new age in the hip hop genre. Begining with Y2js “Do the Damn Thang”, the mix thrust you into the outside the box thinking of the artists. These two are not your typical rappers that you hear everyday on the radio. Y2 and Cous shy away from your gimmicky dance rap, and Auto-Tune and even though a couple of Young Cous’ songs have Auto-Tune in them, the songs are not carried by the voice effect.

Young Cous can best be described as your smart ass friend that always makes people laugh with somethin clever to say. In songs such as “Chix…” and “Brim Low” his sarcasm an cleverness are at it’s best with lines that can make you laugh out loud. While on songs such as “Against the Wall” he can change his tone and make you relate to the everyday struggles of the average man.

Alot of rappers try to give you candy an sweets with their music, Y2J gives you more of the fruit and vegetables. He wants to make music where each song has a specific authinicity to it. Y2s vision is for each song to be different and for them to touch a part of your soul. Y2Js inspiration for his rhymes are his life and what he’s been through.

Though having contrasting styles these two know where Hip Hop needs to go. Now it’s only a matter of getting the media attention to lead the way.

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Aleph Tav album set to be released September 19th. 



God gave us all something to share with the world to make it better. Our struggles go hand in hand with our successes. I am here to do whatever I can do. I am here for GOD and the people. I've come to discover, through His grace and discipline, that I can't do anything supernatural without His intervention. He has blessed me with many experiences and teachings that have helped me focus my music on what matters most.....Demonstrating His love!  From healing to raising the dead GOD has blessed me with a list of experiences that continue to help me grow in life and to know Him more. Any time GOD gives me the opportunity to perform and worship to Him I only want to make sure that the people see Him and not me 1st. They need to know that GOD can answer their need if they come to Him and not to me. What is the point of making music unless it is used as the bridge that helps the listener conquer the problems that they are struggling with now or later? Class is in session for me and for them. I am blessed by the listener's healing and I intend to help the get the blessing of GOD's healing. I'm Blessed by them and they are blessed by Him.