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D. Green

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Hip Hop


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"D. Green - I Put Down"

Exclusive Interview

Tell us about where you are from and how you got to this position today.
I was born and raised in the South Bronx section of New York City. As a kid, it was tough growing up in that environment. I watched so many people get caught up there including people close to me. After witnessing how it affected them, I knew from an early age that I wouldn’t let that be me. I did my best to stay out of trouble, even though it found me on some occasions. I always had an interest in music though. It was always played in my grandparents’ apartment day in and day out (those solid gold oldies will always be my first choice of music to this day). I used to also watch my uncle and his friends DJ and rap. I liked being around that because it seemed like fun. One day, I decided to write something and they let me record it. It was cool hearing what I had written at the age of 11 through speakers, and ever since then that’s all I wanted to do.

As I got older and things got harder around me, I started to use writing to help me escape whatever was going on. Spending countless hours locked in a room, writing in notebooks, forgetting to eat and what was going on outside my door. It wasn’t until I was around 18 that I started to take it seriously and wanted to make something out of it. For years I’ve been working, critiquing, studying, trying to put the right pieces together to not only make it in the music business, but to make it work for me. Now at 25, I feel as if it is all coming together.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see?
I’m currently working on my next mix tape project and a full length album which I will be releasing independently through my company, D. Green Productions. I’m also working with a few artists who have reached out to me for their upcoming projects. What you can expect to see from me first and foremost is growth and maturity in my music. Over the years, I’ve evolved and gotten better with my word play, delivery, my ability to write great songs and make great music. I plan to blow fans away with what I have in store for them.

Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in the industry?
My biggest challenge, I think, is getting the exposure I strive for as an unknown artist. Though I welcome that challenge with open arms, I know and understand that the music industry is oversaturated with artists that are in the same position I’m in. So, my team and I are constantly thinking of new ways to market and promote myself as an artist and to bring more attention to the brand, in addition to just giving fans music and the best shows possible.

What was one of the biggest set backs in your career and how did you bounce back?
I am a firm believer in having a backup plan, and my college education is just that. As I push forward in my career in the music business I am also finishing up my Bachelor’s Degree. School is very important to me but like music, it is time consuming and I constantly have to switch my focus here and there. There have been times where I had to pass up on some good opportunities because of exams or I chose to miss a late night class because of a big show. Trying to give both my all at the same time is difficult and sets me back a bit. Fortunately, I’m lucky to have a few people around me willing to help on the music side of things, so I am never too far off.

What are some things artists need to be careful of?
I think artists need to be careful of people trying to sell them a dream. As an artist, we have one of those already and all that’s left to do is make it a reality. So when people tell you what they can do for you, make them prove it in some way, shape, or form before committing to something that may not be beneficial to what your dreams entail.

What suggestions do you have for other artists like yourself?
Always remember that in this business nobody is going to want it like you do. I think having that mindset makes you work harder for yourself across the board and it makes the people you surround yourself with work just as hard for the best possible outcomes.

What are the best ways to sell your products as an artist?
I think the best way to sell your products as an artist is to connect with the fans because honestly, we are nothing without them in this business. If you can give them your all, keep them interested, up to date and involved in what you are doing musically, I feel they will be more than willing to buy whatever you’re selling. If people like what they see, they’re definitely going to want to invest in it to be seen with it.

What is one of your favorite ways to promote yourself and your music?
My favorite way to promote myself and my music is by doing shows. It’s such a great feeling to be on stage and having people see who I am. I like standing in front of a crowd of people that may not know of me, perform my music to the fullest with confidence, and have them wanting to know more about me by the end of the show. - WWS Magazine

"D. Green makes his SkewIn.com debut"

New talent straight out of the Bronx. D. Green hit me up a few weeks ago with his new mixtape Gone Green. As the days go by we get more and more emails, so it took us a little time to get him in.
One of the songs that stood out to me was Hollywood Dream. The sing had a nice feel to it with smooth lyrics. The mixtape as a whole was cool. Difference vibe to say the less. I reached out to D. Green for a few words.
“My goals are to establish myself as a company, brand, artist and songwriter in this industry. I want to take all of my talents and apply them in every aspect of the music business. As I progress further in this industry, I look forward to working with more artists and producers. I welcome new experiences, that leads to fresh new ideas and that’s what I’m about.”
- Mike Real


Still working on that hot first release.



Every so often hip hop is blessed with a new face full of raw talent. Someone with the ability to put words together with a smooth, genuine delivery that makes hip hop heads (and even those new to the culture) bop, party, vibe, and feel optimistic about hip-hop’s vitality. This “every so often” moment goes to D. Green; a young entrepreneur, hip-hop recording artist and song writer.
Born and raised in the south Bronx sections of New York City, D. Green is one of those fresh new faces determined to establish that his borough is still alive and capable of reaching mainstream success. He started writing music at the age of eleven. Music became his way to slip away from the tough reality he had growing up. Being raised in an environment where showing emotions was not an option, music was the only outlet that he had to channel all of his ideas and emotions. Within two years, it became a passion he would not let up on. Influenced by greats like, Big Daddy Kane, Big Pun, Big L, Mase, Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z and Jadakiss to name a few, the New York style of rapping has been instilled in him.
Since the age of 18, D. Green has put together six solid mixtapes. Notably his 2-part “Go Green or Go Home” mixtapes (“Gone Green” being the newest installment to the series) and his most recent EP “If Tomorrow Ever Comes”. Today at the age of 25, he has had the opportunity to work with talent such as DJ Zeke, Skyzoo and had the opportunity to open up for J. Cole.