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This band has not uploaded any videos




"the synthesiser is an interesting tool, and though it was created in the 80s (or at least made famous then) it is by no means consigned to the depths of music history. imightdisco corrupt this technology to dictate their main sound, while the ‘oomph’ is added by the standard rock band format. the music clashes like the tide against the cliffs, wave after wave of electro punk that stimulates the medulla oblongata into a frenzy of emotion. a vibrating virus that is carried across the airwaves, imightdisco is not a rhetorical question; it is a matter of fact that is guarded by certainty."
- David Couchman


imightdisco E.P
1. Colourful Lovers
2. Drainpipes & Daggers
3. Next Time Around (I Don't Want To Be A Man I Want To Be An Octopus)
4. One More
5. Drainpipes & Daggers (Teleute Remix)

We have recorded four more tracks currently being mixed for a new EP to be released soon, with another recording lined up for another track. The songs are
1. Meet Up
2. He Doesn't Kill Bugs
3. We'll Take Alice To Wonderland
4. The 98th Time
5. Eclectic Youth

Meet Up was used for Alex Zane's Myspace Mars Planets Radio Show.



imightdisco (one word!) are a five piece electro-punk outfit from brighton, with many influences ranging from the ramones to justice. imd have however managed to maintain a very unique and british feel to their music.

although imd have only been together a short time they have been down this road before, as most of the members have experience in other projects. with this line up they have taken that experience on the road, continually promoting their soon to be released new single; 'we'll take alice to wonderland.'

as a live act imd have been doing shows with the likes of kate nash, bombay bicycle club and elle milano. not only have imd shown us how true punk should be done, they've injected their own electro twist into their recorded work. they have also time and time again proved that they have the live show to back up the recordings, proving that they are ones to watch in 2008 and beyond!