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I'm Kingfisher

Lund, Skåne, Sweden | INDIE

Lund, Skåne, Sweden | INDIE
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"4/5 "A major Swedish contribution to the Americana Market""

4/5 "A major Swedish contribution to the Americana Market" - R2

"4 stars - Inhabits the same doomy world as Neil Youngs' Ambuilance Blues"

"Jonsson has been knocking out fine records for almost
a decade ...//... His tremolous voice is still hugely affecting"
- Rob Hughes, UNCUT (UK)

"'Willing Night Plants' inhabits the same doomy world
as Neil Young's 'Ambulance Blues'"
- Mike Houghton, UNCUT (UK) (separate mention) - Uncut!

""friends of the National will find a kindres soul here""

Promising Swede fleshes out his sound ... friends of the National will find a kindres soul here - Uncut (UK) (2008)

""This is one of the best albums you'll hear in 2008""

This is one of the best albums you'll hear in 2008. Given the short attention span nature of
many folks these days it seems prudent to get the punchline out before the set-up. Mayhap now
you'll stay to let me argue the case of Sweden's Thomas Denver Jonsson, a singer-songwriter of
Bonnie Prince Billy and Cat Power proportions that's thus far flown below the radar of most in
the States. On a slow rising arc since 2003, Jonsson has made deeply grooved inroads into the
human condition, peeling away with poetry, melody and instrumental ingenuity the sticky layers
of relationships, perhaps most poignantly one's relationship to themselves and to love, in the
archetypal sense. At the risk of overloading his work with praise, Jonsson possesses an unerring
ability to make us sing our way into ourselves and one another, and he's never been more reverberantly
"on" than his third full-length, The Lake Acts Like An Ocean (Kite).

My moment sinks to the well
Please grant me your border
I revalue next step every single day
I lie next to the horizon
Your blue voice surrounds me
Guided by few, my grip bleaches
Your face is indulging
The border is rising over the trees
I hear it calling, calling for me

Strumming on a basement guitar and singing in a voice cracked, unvarnished feeling seeping
through the breaches in his burnished wooden pipes. Jonsson is a pure songwriter, choosing the
right setting, the right tones and colors, to fit each shifting mood. Where earlier releases
downplayed his diversity a bit, here he steps boldly away from folksy tropes, adding electricity
and rhythm with an assurance that echoes Iron And Wine's evolution the past few years. Lake contains
huge sweeps in mood, from the naked tenderness of "Only For Beginners" to the phosphorescent,
hold-your-breath shimmer of "Possession" to Townes Van Zandt-esque instrumental "The Tapdancers' Union"
to the ringing carousel twirl of "She Runs In Slow Motion." Rather than feeling scattershot, Jonsson
has crafted something cohesive, tightening each piece into sharp focus, with the whole feeling like a
series of beautifully constructed wide shots and close-ups.

The love his band, The September Sunrise, feels for his tunes is obvious in their patient nuances and
exposed emotion that matches Jonsson's innate honesty. Fredrik Wilde (electric guitar, pedal steel),
Tomas Lindberg (bass), Henric Stromberg (drums, percussion, vocals) and Carl Edlom (electric guitar,
piano, organ, percussion, vocals), who also produced and engineered Lake, deserve a healthy portion of
the credit for the overall vibe here. One would be hard pressed to find a more inviting records that also
dishes out this level of truth telling. Their intuition for arrangements and textures, down to the tuba
(courtesy of guest Anders Jonsson) that ushers out the final notes of "Love Campaign," speak of a collective
personal investment in getting these songs across. One feels that group energy throughout in these descendents
of Michael Nesmith's First National Band and Linda Ronstadt's early '70s bands.

For anyone flipping their lid for Bon Iver, South San Gabriel or other multi-faceted strummers of our shared
ache, The Lake Acts Like An Ocean is something special most fans of thoughtful rock will be richly rewarded by.
'Nuff said.

Someone you love has flown to the sea
For a better cause of the season
Down where the trees are made out of gold
Down within love campaign
- Jambase US (2008)

""Grandiose and intimate" 4/5 - in Swedish"

"Storslaget och intimt" - Metro (S) (2010)

"More Important than ever (4/5) (in Swedish)"

I'm Kingfisher - Arctic
FOLK Efter närmare tio år som en av Sveriges bäst bevarade och mest skimrande hemligheter inom singer/songwriter-genren gör Thomas Denver Jonsson en nystart. "Arctic” är Grumssonens första album som I'm Kingfisher.
Och även om det inte handlar om någon helomvändning markerar namnbytet förändring. Utgångspunkten är fortfarande den vingliga och sävliga rösten som placerar Thomas Jonsson mitt emellan Damien Jurado och Jason Molina men nu har den betydligt fler nyanser.
Med polarexpeditioner som tema (skivan är tänkt som första delen i en trilogi) och den akustiska gitarren som utgångspunkt har materialet fått kanter av stråkar, blås, avlägsna elgitarrer och stora syntar. Allt samlat som en fängslande och charmig folkindie som tillåts ta ut svängarna, utan att tappa melodierna.
Mer levande, varierad och angelägen låter Thomas Jonsson viktigare än någonsin. - Aftonbladet (S) (2010)

"Sweden produces another excellent export 8/10"

From track one the listener knows that they are in the hands of an experienced artist who knows his way round not only an instrument or a tune but also a sensibility.
‘Willing Night Plants’ opens with a jaunty flourish that is underpinned by the ever present sense of isolation and melancholy that seems to exist as a given in Scandinavian Americana. Yes there are hints of Dunger and The Lancaster Orchestra but Jonsson's voice is indivdual. Is it the phrasing that singing in English produces? Perhaps but lyrically too there is a sense of brooding, dreamlike desperation – ‘struggling and circulating limbs in frost bitten water’ and ‘crying on my closed eyes in the secret garden’ The album continues mining the seam of cold music with a heart of dust . Each track continuing the sense of the whole even ‘Deer Theatre’ which could be AHA with its synths and drums but without the swooning high vocals. Jonsson steers a thoughtful path with his delivery a spoken/whispered tone that swells to a powerful tenor. The template song comes with track 7 ‘Smile with your 1000 teeth’ a slow burn narrative driven by acoustic guitar that builds with an urgency and tension and just as the climax is expected it turns left into an understated Hammond five note solo before returning to the keening narrative which cracks as it concludes. This album delivers on many levels, perhaps the only thing it lacks is a sense of ambition. There are great songs, interesting arrangements, lovely touches of strings and guitar flourishes. Well worth investigating – one for Master Martin indeed. - Americana UK (2010)

""In a crowded marketplace, this album stands out" 4/5 (UK)"

FURTHER proof Americana is a state of mind comes with the new album from this Swedish singer. Against a backdrop of acoustic instruments, with pedal steel well to the fore, Thomas evokes dusty trails and wide American skies.The Swedes seem particularly good at finding their musical feet among the likes of Bonnie Prince Billy and this is a prime example.The delicate Only For Beginners could almost be Bonnie Prince at his most tender, while the dreamy One Of My Blessings again exhibits a rare lightness of touch. In a crowded marketplace, this album stands out. SC - The Sun (2008)

"4/5 - The Independent (UK)"


Don't be fooled by the "Denver" in his name. He's all Swede. Not unless
you count Jonsson's feel for the more romantic tropes of American indie-folk.
Yes, Neil Young is traceable in his voice and in some of his melodies, but
really this is the fuzzy introspection of M Ward and his ilk: quiet choogling
in the face of a stand-offish, underwhelming nature. Why should you bother,
when there's such a lot of this stuff around? Well, the aforementioned tunes
can be lovely, as can the arrangements (strings and all); and Jonsson's Swedish
way with a meteorological/seasonal image is striking. "Stay pale and stay warm" indeed. - The Independent (2008)

""A low-key Jewel" 8/10"

Pedal Steel Bonanza! This is quinessential Americana, but Scandinavian-style, as Jonsson's grainy vocals underpin strikingly phrased vignettes and his penchant for tenderness proves consistently goosepimply. It's poetic, panoramic stuff and something of a low-key jewel. - Rock Sound Magazine (2008)

"Great review in Word (UK)"

He makes much of his kinship with Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Bright Eyes and Cat Power but I actually find him more appealing than all of them. .../... American's what do we need them for exactly? - Word Magazine (2008)

"Mentioned of The Times (UK) as one of 6 acts who have taken the Swedish pop scene onwards since ABBA (UK)"

Swedish Equivalent to Will Oldham now on his third album of lovelorn meditations - The Times (2008)


2010 - I'm Kingfisher - Arctic
2007 - Thomas Denver Jonsson - The Lake Acts Like an Ocean
2005 - Thomas Denver Jonsson - Barely Touching It
2004 - Thomas Denver Jonsson - First in Line (EP)
2003 - Thomas Denver Jonsson - Hope to her
2003 - Then I Kissed Her Softly (vinyl EP)



The indie-folk troubador Thomas Jonsson was 2008 listed in the British newspaper The Times as one of six acts who have taken the Swedish pop scene onwards since ABBA. In Oct 2010, his fourth solo album 'ARCTIC' was released in Scandinavia by Playground Music. The album is the first one to come out under his brand new musical alias I'm Kingfisher (formerly: Thomas Denver Jonsson). The album was received very well in main media in Sweden and was also nominated for the Swedish "Manifest" Music Award.

After the release, Thomas have toured as support act to Ed Harcourt and Damien Jurado on two separate Scandinavian tours. He has also - except for a lot of Swedish dates - also toured in Uk, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Croatia and Latvia

After all in all 450 shows in 20 countries Thomas have progressed from the straight alt.country genre into something more expressionistic. A recent solo show was aptly reviewed as "John Fahey meets Sonic Youth" (Gefle Dagblad)

The new cd 'Arctic' is a conceptual album about polar expeditions and Arctic flora & fauna. Though it's being largely inspired by the late 19th-century endevours of Dr. Fridtjof Nansen, this album is at the same time Thomas' clearly most personal, outgoing and experimental material to date. And despite it's obsolete theme, this is also an album expressing big amounts of personal and contemporary details and Thomas clearly defines his own part in the songs as he deals with an urge of emerging (Svalbard, Expedition), a missing of what's been sacrificed or left behind (Smile with your 1000 teeth, Nansen), a fear of changes (Twin Sorrow, A Continent Lost), some delirious sights (Deer Theatre, Peacock Color Song) and sincere hopes for a calm closure (The Whale Hunt, Feline Funeral).

When Thomas and his steady producer Carl Edlom started working in the studio with the new album, they developed an idea of a sound consisting both of deeply rooted folk soul mixed with modern and synthetic elements. The final result is folky, bluesy and sometimes quirky as it both in lyrics and music blends old, new and the odd bird's chirp. Thomas continues to share the path of contemporary indie/folk colleagues such as M Ward, Gillian Welch and Jason Molina but also adds occasional sparks of more left-field stuff like Akron/Family, Mogwai and Cat Power. The album features guest appearances by people like Keith Kennif (Helios/Goldmund), Richard Neuberg (Viarosa), C-J Larsgården (Ondo/Yrsel), Lisa Bodland-Fielding and Helena Arlock. ARCTIC is also the first part of a planned album trilogy.

After being musically active for a decade as Thomas Denver Jonsson, Thomas now changes his stage name to I'm Kingfisher with the 'ARCTIC' LP. The reasons for doing so are many but the most obvious would be feeling "finished" with the old name, admiring birds deeply and quote; "since I do have come up with the best stage name ever, I think it's mandatory to use it no matter what". Thomas has previously released three solo albums ('Hope to Her' 2003, 'Barely Touching It' 2005, 'The Lake Acts Like an Ocean' 2007) and two EPs as Thomas Denver Jonsson and he has over 400 shows in 20 countries (including SXSW Festival,tours with Josh Rouse, Ed Harcourt, Damien Jurado and Rosie Thomas, five UK tours and sharing a gig with Thin Lizzy @ Paradiso in Amsterdam).

The previous albums have featured guest appearances by friends like Damien Jurado, Rosie Thomas, Ned Oldham, Ellinor Blixt (Bobby Baby, It's a Musical, Bobby&Blumm) and Jennie Stearns (Donna The Buffalo). Thomas is also together with C-J Larsgården the postrock/indietronica duo A Perfect Friend which has two albums out.