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New York City, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

New York City, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Pop R&B


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"Louise Chantál Releases ‘Purple Rain’ Visual"

Singer, model and creative director Louise Chantál has released the visuals to her sultry single “Purple Rain,” from her recently-released album Welcome to Aranbi. Directed by Donald Crunk and Chantál, the song is a lament over lost love and the attempt to navigate through that space where one is contemplating the possibility of reconnecting intimately with another person, but isn’t quite there yet... - The Snobette

"Aranbi Buns with Louise Chantál for ELLE"

Create these braided Aranbi Buns with Louise Chantal. - ELLE

"Louise Chantál Drops Haunting EP Debut"

When we think of heartbreak, we don’t always think about an empowering life lesson, but NY-based singer Louise Chantál does.

On her debut EP Welcome to Aranbi (pronounced like R&B), Louise shares 11 songs that led her to creating Aranbi, a utopian world run by women who’ve escaped the men who may dream of walking them down the aisle, but ask them to compromise everything in return.

Welcome to Aranbi is full of soulful, hauntingly lush R&B sounds and Louise Chantál’s voice soars and dives as she navigates us through her world of bossed up women. - Galore Magazine

"Louise Chantál Creates A Women’s Utopia On ‘Welcome to Aranbi’ EP"

After dropping a slew of singles over the last year or so, Louise Chantál drops her debut EP Welcome to Aranbi (pronounced like R&B).

The project has an interesting concept: it’s 11 songs about Aranbi, a utopian world run by women who’ve escaped the men who may dream of walking them down the aisle, but ask them to compromise everything in return. - Singersroom

"Stream Louise Chantál Dazzling Debut EP 'Welcome to Aranbi'"

Rising starlet Louise Chantál only knows how put her entire heart into the things she does. The illustrious R&B songstress has taken social media by storm, making her debut EP highly-anticipated and the creative singer one to watch. Chantal is one of our favorites to hit the ground running, and with Welcome To Aranbi, her official debut EP, she is nothing short of dreamy and honest, and it’s an exceptional start to her promising career.

The project includes popular bangers “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” and “Purple Rain,” and introduces more elements to the singer’s talents in new songs like emotional dance bit “Runaway Bride,” ethereal “Tides,” and confessional vocal-focused “Million Tears.” All in all, the EP shows off both her range and enchanting style, her honesty and sonic creativity. Listen to Louise’s dream world in Welcome To Aranbi below, and look out for her upcoming tour dates. - Saint Heron

"Louise Chantál Asserts Herself In 'Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is' Visual"

Louise Chantál is undeniably powerful in her latest visual for “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.” This gritty anthem of dejected romance presents Chantál standing firm in her worth as she issues a final melodic warning to her partner that it’s time to follow through on his word.

In the opening scene, Chantál blissfully struts down a beach making plans for the evening with her love via video call. Immediately after, we find the singer alone in sexy lingerie displaying a missed opportunity as the corollary of his absence. Flaunting her sultry dance moves and even breaking for a flashy bathtub scene, the singer has no time for scorned sulking. Watch the London-born babe swank the scenes in her visual exhortation for “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” above. - Saint Heron

"Track Premiere: Drugs"

Louise Chantal is a name you’ll soon be hearing much more of. The 20 year old London-bred, New York City-based singer and songwriter is a siren among the electro-R&B set and, ironically, she looks like a mermaid, too, with her buoyant mane of aqua hair and penchant for sartorial iridescence and glimmer. Luckily, her music is just as sparkling as her appearance.

Premiering exclusively on LADYGUNN today, “Drugs” is a mid-tempo, atmospheric electronic soul jam which features glitching trap-lite beats and hazy synths, the artist’ mesmerizing, saccharine voice floating above the soundbed like a zephyr.

“I wrote drugs about the inner battle of vices versus virtues, and what it’s like when you make the decision to let a vice go and have to let someone you care about go in same the process in order to free yourself completely,” Louise tells us of the swirling track. - LadyGunn Magazine

"Louise Chantál Breaks Down Creative Direction For "Drugs" Fashion Editorial"

If you’ve been witnessing Louise Chantal’s rise to stardom, you’re familiar with her undeniable musical talent and her thrilling fashion aesthetic. Now, prepare to swoon over her latest release, “Drugs”. The track fuses Electronic and R&B sounds with spellbinding synths and a subtle trap flair. The vocal force with which Louise Chantal enchantingly rings the alarm on the internal quandary that is letting go of toxic love will leave you breathless.

A sartorially dazzling package is brought together in a fashion campaign that accompanies the new jam. Shot by Rachel Kaplan, the photos astonish in deep hues without lacking radiance thanks to the creative direction of Louise Chantal herself. We caught up with the London-born creative maven to get some insight on her creative direction breakdown. - Saint Heron

"The Future Looks Bright for R&B Artist Louise Chantál"

Louise Chantál is one of the most versatile and unique musicians that New York City has to offer. Not to mention her vibrant hair, her radiant glow, and ability to merge subjects of love and feminism will leave you wanting more. We asked Chantál a few questions to dive inside of her creative mind. - MISSBISH

"Louise Chantál: R&B Artist + Prince$$ Of Aranbi"

Louise Chantál is an independent artist who is changing the world by creating one of her own. Being passionately concerned about the lack of accurate representation of women of color in the media is what lead LC to create the world of Aranbi, which she describes as a place that will be for the misrepresented or underrepresented to have a voice. The Prince$$ of Aranbi is also a Queen of Underground R&B, racking up over a million plays collectively on her original songs and mashups via Soundcloud. With those numbers, it’s evident that Louise Chantál has a talent for singing and songwriting… But her musical abilities haven’t always come natural to her. Since age 12 she has been working hard and training to turn her dreams of being an entertainer into her reality, with the art of branding being a major key that has allowed her to do so.

Fast forward from the days when she’d write songs in her notebook during school hours to today… And you’ll find Louise Chantál preparing to release her highly anticipated EP, Welcome To Aranbi, sparking a revolution of social positivity among 100K+ of “LC Lovers,” and bo$$ing up in the fashion and business world by collaborating with brands such as MATTE and Joyrich. Louise Chantál keeps her hands full with balancing creativity and business plans, but luckily for us… She was able to make some time for an interview with DARLA. Check out our Q&A below for the gems she dropped; valuable for pursuing any creative career + for life! - DARLA Magazine

"Louise Chantál excellently covers Drake, Rihanna, & Gyptian"

Louise Chantál is not a name to be forgotten in 2016, already releasing lavish visuals for her song “CalNeva” in January. The R&B singer is back, recently dropping “Work x Controlla x One Dance x Hold Yuh,” her mashup of multiple radio hits.

Her soothing interpretations of the dancehall-esque songs is a feat only someone of Chantál’s character could breathe life into. The verses effortlessly come together as the singer croons over the well mixed beat. We asked Chantál about the cover, what pushed her to record it, and what is to come from her. - Artsy Magazine

"Louise Chantál"

She comes from a line of strong Guyanese and Bajan women with her father’s English blood accompanying the mix. Even now, at the peak age of 20, Louise Chantál knows her place in the world. Taking matters into her own hands at such a young age prepared her for where she’s headed: stardom. And with the music industry being a revolving door of new faces, immense diversity and endless potential, Louise Chantál found herself nurturing her talent to a point where other industry affiliates began pursuing her early on, but they’d have to be just right for her.

“I feel like most of my career has been intuition. From age 16-18 I spent time in meetings with producers, A&Rs, managers, this person or that person, recording, trying stuff; seeing if I wanted to commit — literally jumping from person to person. So, majority of that time I was trying to make a connection that felt right, and knowing someone truly believed in me because there will be plenty of people who see you, but often times they’ll see through you and I’ve always been a very determined person, so if I didn’t believe in it, I wasn’t going to do it. And then there are the politics of the industry. As a woman I knew I had to stand my ground. Women have to be this and they have to be that; we have to be all these different things just to be considered to be equal, and I care too much about whether or not they see me as intellectual rather than this pretty image. It’s like the moment you care about your hair and make-up they look at you like you’re dumb or you can’t be multi-dimensional.”

A resilient young woman, protecting her worth. At just 18 years old Louise Chantál found herself juggling the roles of artist and manager. After years of trials and tribulations with different A&Rs, producers and potential managers, she realized if she wanted to be the star she is meant to be, she had to take the reins of her career to prove her worth as an artist and woman. As industry heads saw her potential as an artist, they quickly learned she was also an asset to the backend of music which led them to solicit the idea of her as a songwriter.

“I’m an artist; that is what I am, that is what I want to be, and due to those differences in direction, we had to part ways – all on great terms, but I had to be sure I did what I knew was best for me. And I feel like that’s where I am right now – working towards that luxury.” - Femme Feature

"Louise Chantál Channels Marilyn Monroe In Her Video For 'CalNeva'"

It’s a common misconception that the more beautiful you are, the more immune to heartbreak you become. In the new music video for her heartbreakingly sensual single ‘CalNeva’, NY-based RnB songstress Louise Chantal challenges this misconception by breathing life into history’s greatest affair.

Here’s what Louise Chantal had to say about it:

“CalNeva was inspired by Marilyn Monroe and the alleged affair between Monroe and John F. Kennedy. From around 1960 to 1963, Frank Sinatra owned Cal Neva Resort & Casino. Before writing this song, I read about how Sinatra loved to entertain his friends; both of which were Monroe and The Kennedy Family. I was fascinated by that dynamic so I just kept reading more stories about their relationship. Somehow in the midst of reading I created a fantasy in my head and connected that to the emotion that I really wanted to convey through this song. CalNeva is a love letter written by a broken hearted woman, and anyone that has experienced betrayal and disappointment can relate to this story.”

‘CalNeva’ reveals the fragile exterior underneath the flawlessly beautiful women society puts on a pedestal. Just like Marylyn before her, Louise Chantal may wear a crown, but she bleeds in crimson red. Get ready to feel all of the things. - Galore Magazine

"Louise Chantál Shares A Story of Heartbreak in Her "CalNeva" Video"

Louise Chantal welcomes us back into her world with the visual for her latest love ballad “CalNeva.” The United Kingdom native continues to garner more attention with her tunes of love, vulnerability, and passion. This latest track, much like the previous, is just as enchanting. Noting Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and John F. Kennedy as sources of inspiration, Chantal proves her lyricism is just as intoxicating as her voice.

In an interview with Galore she shares, “Frank Sinatra owned Cal Neva Resort & Casino. Before writing this song, I read about how Sinatra loved to entertain his friends: both which were Marilyn Monroe and The Kennedy Family … Somehow in the midst of reading I created a fantasy in my head and I connected that to the emotion that I really wanted to display in this song. CalNeva is a love letter written by a broken hearted woman, and anyone that has experienced betrayal and disappointment can relate to this story.”

Creatively, Louise is a breath of fresh air. Watch the video above, and take a stroll through Aranbi with Louise Chantal. We’re so excited to see what moves she’ll make in the year to come. - Saint Heron

"Traveling Between Worlds with Louise Chantál"

Louise Chantál, a.k.a Princess of Aranbi, 19, is alleviating the world with her music. The London-bred, New York-based artist of Guyanese and Bajan descent is armed with vision, wisdom and devotion. Captivating the world with her ethereal vocals she gears up to release her Welcome to Aranbi EP.

Investing her soul into music since the age of 12, Chantál has created a platform to uplift people in an optimistic way as she shares with us her gift. “Music has healed me in so many ways. I would like to heal other people in return,” Chantál says. This simple, yet profound statement is her entire existence for being. Battling through certain ordeals has given the artist the curative powers to give others the same strength.

Unveiling cinematic sounds, she invites us into a different world, Aranbi (pronounced R&B), which signifies an immaculate sanctuary where her listeners will feel in tune. Aranbi is a personal space to reflect. “I am attempting to stimulate imaginations by bringing people out of their bodies and pushing their minds to see things that they aren’t thinking about; to see the world and color in a different way,” Chantál says.

“Genuflect” is the rebirth of your body, mind and spirit after a heartbreak. With vehement lyrics and dramatic strings, “Genuflect” is an anthem and it is meant to empower. In this song Chantál garners the stance to move forward while letting her listeners know that they are not alone in this journey. “Transforming from a Queen to a King of Hearts,” she angelically sings on her musical debut.

“The emotion and themes that I reference in my songs are from my personal experiences, but if you were to listen to “Genuflect,” or my entire EP for that matter, you would hear and see that I’m bringing people into another world, Aranbi,” Chantál explains.

In her LCLive Episode 1, Chantál delves into the meaning behind her lyrics for “Genuflect” further by beautifully revealing, “I claim my heartbreaks because it means that I’m living and experiencing life.”

Chantál disclosed that listeners can also expect to hear production from Syience, Snagz, J Sounds and Ken Will for her Welcome to Aranbi EP. Sonically sharing her journey, Chantál is also poised to accomplish so much more with the visuals for this project. “I can’t wait for you guys to see what I’m talking about. I feel like a crazy person rambling about what’s going on in my head,” she confesses.

Having an eclectic taste in music, Chantál is inspired by Stromae, Sia, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé. In the near future, she would love to collaborate with Ariana Grande.

Although letting go and accepting has been a challenge, the young vocalist has been able to surpass each impediment. Chantál’s antidote has always been the nectar of music and traveling between worlds it is here were she finds her tranquility. - Artsy Magazine

"Louise Chantal Bares Her Heart And Soul On ‘Purple Rain’"

Louise Chantal is back with a powerful dosage of lovesick librettos and we’re here for it.

The follow up to her debut single, “Genuflect,” the United Kingdom native debuts “Purple Rain” with VIBE Vixen. Featuring silky vocals that soar over her sultry mid-range pitch, Chantal ventures through the highs and lows of passion and devotion on the J Soundz produced jam. “Do you hear the pitter-patter on my heart as it beats for you,” she asks as she pens an empowering ballad that bares her heart and soul to listeners. - VIBE Magazine

"Louise Chantál - Purple Rain"

Allow me to introduce you to Louise Chantál, the new princess of Aranbi. Hailing from the U.K., this young songstress first made major waves last month when she premiered her debut single “Genuflect.”

The mesmerizing tune filled with Middle Eastern influences and experimental R&B vibes making the New York-based beauty one to watch in the future. Making sure all eyes stay on here, Louise follows “Genuflect” with a new song today entitled “Purple Rain.”

Very minimal in production compared to her last track, the rhythmic and blues J Soundz produced cut showcases more of more of her vocal range and ability to craft a well-rounded record. As the title would suggest, Louise draws inspiration on this one from one of our singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/actors, Prince. But this isn’t just any normal ode to Prince, the newcomer eloquently sends a message to the stars above asking to open her heart and soul to have the courage to love again after being deceived. - Ashley Outrageous

"Louise Chantál, "Purple Rain""

After making her debut with her angelic “Genuflect,” emerging songstress Louise Chantal resurfaces as she whisks us closer to the release of her EP Welcome To Aranbi. Following up with her shimmering ode “Purple Rain,” the New York-based songbird floats with bold, rhythmic vocals as she wishes that her heart and soul have the courage to love again after once being deceived. Catch the J Soundz produced cut below, and look out for Louise Chantal’s debut EP this year! - Saint Heron

"Louise Chantal Makes Musical Debut With ‘Genuflect’"

Louise Chantal is stamping herself as the new princess of R&B.
Don’t let the pretty face and her sick obsession with the color pink fool you because the musical newcomer is coming for the crown (listen to her pitch perfect cover of Nick Jonas’ “Jealous” and you’ll agree). The United Kingdom native makes her musical debut with a sultry, down-tempo track titled, “Genuflect.” Crooning of love, heartbreak and transforming into an empowered woman, Chantal’s contemporary-driven lyrics are as haunting as her deliciously raspy vocals.
Louise Chantal’s Welcome to Aranbi EP is slated to drop this summer. - VIBE Magazine

"Louise Chantál, "Genuflect""

Embodying both beauty and musical charm, United Kingdom native Louise Chantal has made her musical debut. The ‘Princess of Aranbi’ has already made a steady name for herself socially, with her effortless beauty and sensual aesthetic, but “Genuflect” truly welcomes fans to a contrasting side of Louise. Featuring operatic vocals from a far, the track floats swiftly with Arabian-esque soundscapes of dramatic strings all the while Louise’s lush vocals coo of women empowerment within a love relationship. “Transforming from a Queen to a King of Hearts,” she angelically cries out, Louise’s voice seamlessly collides wih the Snagz and Syience produced composition. - Saint Heron


Louise Chantál - 'Welcome to Aranbi' Album Tracklist

  1. Genuflect
  2. Runaway Bride / 1896
  3. CalNeva
  4. Compromise (Interlude)
  5. Drugs
  6. MAD
  7. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
  8. I'm A Bitch (Interlude)
  9. Purple Rain
  10. Tides
  11. Million Tears



Chantál Louise Cassandra Greatorex, professionally known as Louise Chantál, and Chan by her loved ones, was born to a Afro-Caribbean mother and English father on December 9th, 1995 in Norbury, London, England. Gifted by her parents the names: Louise, meaning famous warrior, in honor of her late paternal grandmother and Chantál, meaning to sing or singer, it's evident that it was written in the stars for Louise Chantál to be a feminist, vocal powerhouse, and internationally known pop star. Your typical girl-next-door doesn’t come close to the stardom Louise Chantál is brewing as she holds the full package of beauty, brains and a powerful message to women all over the world.

Chantál tells her story how she lives it: audaciously, purposefully, and artistically. She is the youngest of 10 siblings—biological and adopted—yet the only child conceived by her mother and father. While Chan was a young child, her mother decided to move to America in order to be closer to her immediate family who had begun migrating from Georgetown, Guyana to the United States of America. They settled in Montclair, New Jersey. It was then that the complex and unconventional dynamics of Chantál's family, both genealogically and geographically, began to unfold.

The cultures of London, England, Georgetown, Guyana, and Montclair, New Jersey fused together to create a woman that is not only cultured with an eclectic taste in music and art, but is also forward thinking and resilient due to hardships she has faced as the point of intersection within a family divided by race, religion, immigration, infidelity and class. In the midst of two polar opposite halves attempting to collide, Chantál felt the friction. She watched words and actions become lost in translation, and as depression crept its way in she yearned to find her own voice.

At the young age of 12, Louise Chantál found that voice by following her heart as she began pursuing her dreams of becoming a professional singer. She started writing and recording remixes to Pop, R&B/Soul, and Rap radio hits and soon after began posting them on Facebook and YouTube. Through her self-made music videos, Chantál quickly captured the attention of the Facebook and YouTube community online. By age 16, she had accumulated 300,000 YouTube views and, under a small independent production company based in New Jersey, released two EPs and a mixtape. But it was at the age of 18, while attending New York University's Clive Davis Recorded Music Program, that Chantál's story took its most exciting turn when she decided to take control of her career by rebranding and ridding herself of the childhood moniker she'd created, and embracing her birth name.

She landed her first big break into the music industry when she met Atlantic Records' A&R, Walter Randall who introduced her to the critically acclaimed grammy award winning producer Syience. After watching a live performance video of Chantál's “Genuflect,” produced by one of Swiss Beatz production partners Snagz, Syience was immediately blown away by her songwriting capabilities and soon signed on to executively produce the rising pop star's debut project, Welcome to Aranbi. 

In the midst of recording Welcome to Aranbi, Chantál made no hesitation to jump headfirst into fashion, not only as a model, but also as a creative director. In the last six months alone, Chantál has modeled for some of the hottest brands to date, such as ELLE, Joyrich, the Matte Brand, and Valfre. In addition to modeling, she's also directed editorials featured in respected publications, such as Galore, Saint Heron, MISSBISH, SVGE, and Lady Gunn. As proclaimed by Saint Heron, Louise Chantál is "creatively, a breath of fresh air." Whether it be writing her own music, executively producing her debut project, directing all of her music videos and promotional content, or outlining the marketing rollout behind every release, Louise Chantál is a true example of self-success and has created a foundation for every creative that surrounds her to follow.

On December 9th, 2016 Louise Chantál released Welcome to Aranbi on iTunes and all streaming platforms through her own entertainment company, Aranbi. When speaking of her mixtape, she says, "W.T.A. consists of 9 songs, excluding interludes, divided into 3 parts in order to best share the distinctive ways in which Pop, R&B, World Music and feminism have impacted me throughout my life as a woman of color and led me to create a new world, which you will first experience through sound." W.T.A. is a concept mixtape and Louise Chantál's introduction to the world as a performance artist. The personas visualized on the cover of the project are three faces of Louise created to represent the many women within Chantál. With over a million streams on Soundcloud and YouTube combined, there is no doubt Aranbi is a world both women and men alike are looking to enter.

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