Immigrant Punk

Immigrant Punk

 Dallas, Texas, USA

Sounds like the courage man finds in a fall.


After fronting several bands as a english/spanish vocalist Rocio Aranda set out to start her own music project. Immigrant Punk hit the world music scene in November 2010 blending mexican folk, poetry and hip hop on the first live albums "En Vivo" and "Blanco." The live records were recorded and released the first 3 months into the projects life opening doors to the studio album "Declaring Raw" in 2012 and festivals throughout the country.

Savannah Georgia Pride
St. Petersburgh Florida Pride

Denton, Texas Jazzfest
Denton Peace Festival
Denton Beanstock
Twist Dallas
Milwaukee Pridefest
Mid-South Memphis Pride
2011Halloween Dallas,Tx
Art Outside Austin,Tx
Baytown Barkaloo Baytown,Tx

Denton Jazzfestival
Houston Free Summer Free Press
Art Love Magic "The Underground"
Outlander Fall Festival
Yes, Indeed Houston Music Festival

Rocio Aranda's voice and lyrics have often been described as a female version of Zach de la Rocha frontman for Rage Against the Machine with a melodic twist. Immigrant Punk music has been described by audience as the most raw yet comforting combination of world music. The project is guaranteed to be different on any given night. Although Rocio Aranda is the common denominator and can be caught performing solo on the streets and on stage, she often invites musicians from all walks of life to accompany her in her delivery.

Today IP is taking some time off to live and write new material.

Rocio has joined Rage Against the Machine Tribute Band, Rip the System as the lead vocalist. The band is currently performing in various cities around Texas. To learn more about the project visit


Immigrant Punk
"en Vivo 2010"

Immigrant Punk

Immigrant Punk
"Declaring Raw"

Set List

Querro Bailar: original
Run: original
Forever Young: cover song by Jay-z
El Olvidado: original
Can I talk to you: cover by Talib
10% Rapist: original
Shape of Hope: original
The Cause: cover by Miguel Pinero
Ruego Por Ti: original
Anxiety: original
My America: original
Roaches: original
2-Pac covers
Mana covers
Poquito de Cafe: original
Amor Velles a Flores: original
Machete: original
We promised we would: original
Dead Flowers: original
Clint: original