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"Purtinear, Ain’t Is" - 2007 - Full
"Pandarama" - 2006 - Single/Video
"Discombobulated" - 2006 - EP
"Exit to Receptionist" - 2005 - EP
"Doom on Fogies" - 2003 - Full



We are a family band, kinda like Hanson but way cooler, and without the hair, and without the one hit wonder, and not famous...damn!
We started playing our instruments(all self-taught) about seven years ago out of the blue. We weren't raised on music but have always been exposed to it. Mom loved The Beatles and Eric Clapton and Dad raised us on The King and the 50's and 60's.
So when we were in high-school, Kyle(drummer) started getting into Metallica and music, Mac got into Slipknot and music, and I(Chris) got into Blink-182 and music. After a year of messing around and learning how to play instruments, we found out that Mac and I have pretty decent voices and Kyle is a wizard with the sticks.
We just enjoyed playing in front of our family and friends, especially on Friday nights after football games. Everyone knew you go to the Petitjean's household for some entertainment. Everyone got tired of us playing fast punk rock and whatnot, so we started learning some oldies and crowd favorites and it opened up a new gig for us. Imminent Domain then started getting actually paying gigs.
During us realizing we love being in front of people and entertaining, we started writing our own stuff and we have had 2 full length albums and 2 demos since then.
Our latest CD "Purtinear, Ain't Is" is our best work yet. With tracks such as "Moving on ain't the same as forgetting" (written about the VT shooting) "Penny for your thoughts, two if I know'em" (about a break-up/relationship) "Hung Jury" (basically Law & Order) "E.N.D" (a love song within the Toronado that leveled Greensburg, KS). Mac and I like writing about anything and everything. Things that are meaningful and can mean something to someone else.
What's in store for Imminent Domain, who knows, but we love playing music and performing for others and we'll do it as long as we can!