Immune is a modern rock quartet specializing in the art of songwriting. Hooks, melodies, thought-provoking lyrics and arrangements are the priority here, all delivered with precision and attitude.


Incubated in the burgeoning musical scene of Providence, Rhode Island,
Immune has made an immediate local impact which could soon be experienced on a
national scale. With musical influences as far ranging and timeless as Creedence
Clearwater Revival, the Beatles, Nirvana and Radiohead, vocalist/guitarist Rob Shulze,
guitarist Dave Boccuzzi, bassist Josh Taber, and drummer Jon Hakanson combine
essential rock song craft with a gutsy, visceral veneer which constitutes pure Immune.
In a relatively short time, Immune’s galvanizing live performances have built up a loyal fanbase in New England, as well as a regional following spilling into the Midwest and Southeast. The band has already opened for Lifehouse (Dreamworks), Tantric (Maverick), and Theory of a Deadman (604/Roadrunner), with the latter performance having led to the band’s cover feature in the July 2003 issue of Future Impact magazine. Immune also performed at the 2002 Midwest Music Summit in Indianapolis.
Immune continues to garner favorable local and national media coverage as a result of extensive commercial and college radio airplay for their first two homegrown EP’s. National awareness of Immune intensified when several episodes of MTV’s The Real World (New Orleans) and Making the Band/O-Town featured tracks from these recordings.
Immune maintains an intimate relationship with their fans via an active web presence ( and attracted more so-called industry buzz when their song “A Better Dream” was featured on Demo With the forthcoming release of their new EP, “Fading in the Sun”, Immune is ready to make a musical impact which the world will find impossible to ignore.
Immune is represented by Management By Jaffe (Jesus and Mary Chain / Joey McIntyre) and NYC-based attorney Ray Maiello of Moontower Entertainment.


My God

Written By: R. Shulze

1st Verse
I picked the wrong God to believe
And it’s a hanging crime
You wanna rev your war machine
But when it’s time to fight you run and hide

You pray to God I won’t fight back
But if you want a war I’ll kill you last

2nd Verse
You turn me into the enemy
With any weak excuse
You shouldn’t bleed ‘til you believe
You better mean it when you threaten me

Repeat Chorus (2x)


Repeat Chorus (2x)


A Better Dream

Written By: R. Shulze

1st Verse
No more swallowed pride when you're talking down to me
I'll make you bite your tongue so hard it starts to bleed
I clench my fist in vain when you say you can't believe
A person you wish you could be

You know I won't go back to living like the way I did before
When I was good enough but always got ignored

If you're the best of what there is
I think I need to have a better dream than this
There's nothing left for me to give
You've taken everything I never thought I'd miss

2nd Verse
A hollow victory won't leave me satisfied
Exacting my revenge I feel justified
I measure my success by the envy in your eyes
It helps me kill the pain inside

Repeat Pre-Chorus

Repeat Chorus

Bridge (Repeat Chorus)

Repeat Chorus/Outro

3 Feet Deep

Written By: R. Shulze

1st Verse
I know a guy who drinks every Sunday
He chases his whiskey down with a laugh
He flirts with a girl who sleeps with the enemy
She makes him smile when nobody can
Check out the boy who rides on his motorbike
Quick as a hooker taking a dare
He never pretends to care what a woman likes
His middle finger up in the air

1st Pre-Chorus
And you wonder if I’m insane

The way I’m living is dangerous
I need a reason to care so I feel alive
You think I’m the craziest
If common sense is the enemy you’ll never fight

2nd Verse
Will she decide she’ll never get with me?
She doesn’t want to sleep with a guy
I’m poisoned inside, can’t find the remedy
Drowning in blue I’m happy to die
You’ll never lie
Now that you’re under me
You’ve got me feeling nervous and small
I want to make you into a memory
Stuck in my head like flies on a wall

2nd Pre-Chorus
And you wonder if we’re the same

Repeat Chorus

I’ll never survive with my insecurities
Who will I find to cover my back
I look in your eyes and see who I wanna be
You’re making up for all that I lack
I know I’m alive when you’re in love with me
The passion we share is worth all the pain
I wave goodbye, cursed by mortality
Passing away like tears in the rain
I’ll never wonder
I found the secret
To letting go


Somewhere in the Middle - 1999 debut EP
Immune (self-titled) - 2001 EP
Fading in the Sun - brand new 2003 EP
Have received radio airplay for Port and Triggerfinger from debut EP; A Million More from 2001 EP; and A Better Dream, Crush, and In Your Place from newest EP. All 5 tracks from debut EP as well as A Million More, Crush, and A Better Dream can be streamed on our website, Clear Light of Day, Triggerfinger and Half Made Whole from debut EP and Whatever... from 2001 EP have been featured on MTV programs The Real World and Making the Band.

Set List

My God
Fading in the Sun
In Your Place
It's My Turn
A Better Dream
3 Feet Deep
Nothing Stays
Our sets average 30-40 minutes, 6-8 songs.