IMMUNISE write 3 minute pop songs with catchy melodies and plenty of energy. Sick of putting up with tired local attitudes and underachieving miserabilists, immunise have decided the world needs a band who write aggressive pop and are proud of it.


IMMUNISE are a four piece rock band from the small town of Castlederg, 30 miles south of Derry in Northern Ireland. The band are composed of the brother / sister writing team of Anna Gillespie (vocals, guitar) and John Gillespie (guitar) plus two friends Darrell Nelson (drums) and Chris Darragh (bass).
Influences date back to the late 70's New York scene from bands like Blondie, Television and Patti Smith, as well as popular female fronted acts such as The Pretenders.
Since their first gig in 2002 the band have played all over Ireland and have supported famous acts such as The Undertones, The Wannadies and Wonderstuff in Dublin's top venues. Immunise tracks have been played heavily on local radio and the band were invited to play live on daytime BBC Radio Foyle recently.


Nothing You Say (white label demo) - Extensive play on Irish radio. (Downtown, BBC Ulster).

Set List

Set list currently consists of 9 songs and lasts about 35 minutes.

1. Say No
2. What Do You Need From Me
3. Give Anything
4. Nothing You Say
5. I Know
6. Believe Me
7. Anywhere With You
8. I'd Rather Die
9. Feel It