I'm Not A Bazooka

I'm Not A Bazooka

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

We are a few friends who all agreed that making music is what we were supposed to do with our lives. We started a band, and are trying to make this our job. We make music because we feel that that's all we're meant to do in life.


Our band name is I'm Not A Bazooka, and we are a four piece band based out of Murfreesboro, TN, with singer and songwriter Sean Hensley, guitarist Kaveh Baki, Bassist Dave Demarco and Drummer Brad Perala. We are the ultimate Craigslist band. We all met, at different times, through Craigslist, with a shared passion to make the best, most enjoyable music we could muster. We are influenced by bands like Brand New and Manchester Orchestra, mainly. Our influences range from Prog-Metal to Acoustic singer/songwriter type stuff, with a little 90's pop thrown in. The advanced songwriting skills of our lead singer, Sean Hensley, is unmatched among the middle Tennessee area unsigned bands, from what we have seen. Combined with a passion to succeed and the drive for perfection, I believe that even if we are a relatively new band, our potential is through the roof. The sky is the limit for I'm Not A Bazooka.


I'm Not A Bazooka, 3 song demo. It is streaming on Grooveshark.com. We haven't invaded any radio stations with plastic guns to make them play the demo yet, but we're working on it.