Imogen Brave

Imogen Brave


Imogen Brave kicks your ass, she is an extroverted introvert, writhing in the throws of classic rock, with a fistful of modern pop elements stirred in for good measure!



Imogen Brave is a fusion of genres, opinions and flavours.

As with the rest of the band Singer Stef would describe her musical influences as widespread and eclectic. Specifically, jazz and blues, grunge, rock and pop; everyone from Nirvana to Al Jolson, No Doubt to early Mariah Carey, even Led Zeppelin and Metallica.

Mick was influenced by bands such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Budgie, singers such as Kate Bush, and more recent bands such as The Stone Temple Pilots and Tonic.

Andy, a metal lover, was brought up on KISS, Van Halen and Led Zeppelin, his recent tastes encompass Saosin, Paramore, and Buckcherry just to name a few.

Neil is influenced by great bands, and inspired by the great musicians such as Muse, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Dreamtheatre.


Imogen Brave began as a solo songwriting project for guitarist Mick back in 2005. Coming from a Heavy Metal background in bands such as Kickstart, his songwriting was often subject to the genre, and left him with a back catalogue of material he wanted to express through a different avenue. After working with a few singers on a number of his songs, Mick found Steffi through a side-project pop/rock covers band he was also working on at the time. After the initial stages of the partnership it was evident that Steffi was nursing her own pop-riddled songwriting style which complimented Mick's more classic sound to create a truly great new direction for the duo. After entering a number of tracks to SCALA's (Songwriters and Lyricists Association) Festival of Original Music Awards in the subsequent year, and receiving some positive results; including a Commendation and High Commendation, it was evident that this project needed to become more than "Mick and Stef". Drummer Andy and bassist Scott joined the collaboration in early 2007, also through the covers band in which Mick and Stef originally met, and work began on turning this duo project into a live act.

After more than two years on the live scene, and after writing in excess of twenty songs, Imogen Brave farewelled bassist Scott, siting clashing schedules and stagnancy. Thus dawned a new era for the band, taking on Neil as a breath of fresh air for the complacent band in 2010, sparking fresh songwriting ideas, and motivating Imogen Brave to take on the big bad world of rock with a more fervent urgency.


Listen to Imogen Brave demos on WOWfm100.5 local Adelaide Radio, or on their myspace:

Set List

Generally we do a 45 minute set of around 11 songs, we also have an acoustic set, and other tracks we substitute in the set.

* This Argument
* No Warning
* Addiction Ain't The Cure
* Slow Tonight
* Coming Home
* Exit Collapses
* Where Are You Now
* Untold
* A Lonely Fight
* Walk Away
* The Pressure