Wakefield, England, GBR

riffatronic polymaths transplanting mothra-sized sonicbooms to the denizens of wakefield and beyond. habitual popsters practicing a riff heavy-pop chime with hi-deluxe vocal melodies attempting to blend melodious guitar based americana slacker with keyboard driven chord progressions.impfinite joy


There was a transitional period for us when we went from being a joke band writing songs for our own amusement about people we didnt like or respect, to a serious alt/pop/indie/rock group. but this was an unconscous evolution, we just realised that our best material was fundamentally more serious and so about about 2 1/2 - 3 years ago we started writing better songs and better lyrics. it only took us 1 year to redefine ourselves, to ourselves.

now we live in Wakefield, England and release records on a small independant record label, Philophobia. Last year we played a show in London and took 60 people with us. We have been featured on XFM, Amazing radio and BBC radio.

Our latest ep was voted into the best eps and albums of the year by Croon, a local music website, who said this:

'imp are a band that really have something special' croon

'16 Years, a perfect indie-pop tune' Soundblab

'imp create a totally captivating atmosphere, yet somewhere along the line they also manage to turn it into happy little indie pop songs' Rhubarb Bomb


Sewerpop! (How the castle was stormed) released on Philophobia (150 copies) Nov 2011