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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Featured USA4real Artist February 2008"

If you're "From Hollywood," you've probably heard of a band called IMPEL, maybe "The Honesty" on that mega agglomerate radio station called KROQ. Or, if you just happened to catch an LA4real show at the Cabana Club, The Highlands, or Republic on New Years. For some reason, we keep coming back for more.

Maybe it's because Impel is comprised of a Rock All-Star team. The members of Impel are a solid group of producers, recording engineers, session musicians, and songwriters. So their artistry is perfected by their professionalism and innovation to succeed.

Erik Ron sings lead and provides rhythm guitars and he does this weird thing with a magic sound effect ball that I've never seen before. Justin "JC" Gariano will back up Erik with some vocals while he picks his lead guitar with very sick licks and spine chilling riffs. Steve Poon will put his two cents in back-up vocals as well, but his main thing is providing a solid bass line with Aaron Cutting rocking some very bad ass percussions; which is not always an easy thing to do in an ambient rock style.

So here's the challenge LA - where are you? There will be a forth show soon with USA4real and IMPEL. Not from LA? Add them on MySpace and download their i-tunes.

-Luke Wryder - Luke Wryder


A Series Of Lefts EP
featuring "The Honesty"



As humans we often second-guess ourselves on the decisions that we make and the career paths we choose. For Impel, that questioning has never ceased to exist. The members of Impel range from producers to recording engineers to session musicians; amalgamating into a band whose style bleeds ambition and a drive that simply cannot be denied.

Impel is an intelligent blend of alternative rock, ambient atmospheres, and soulful catchy melodies. Together, they bring something that’s infusing pieces of each genre that strikes an original and positive message that is relatable to everyday life. Originality is a trait the band strives to excel in, and is receiving amazing feedback.

In 2007, they have so far been featured on the Howard Stern radio network, as well as receiving over 135,000 votes to become an MTV2 On the Rise finalist. In becoming a finalist, the band has been rewarded a segment on Time Warner Cable’s On Demand MTV section.

"Impel finds their uplifting spirit in the city of lost angels. This is an amazing band with a powerful ambient style of rock that sends those Coldplay like chills of inspiration down your spine in a Perfect Circle sort of way. Their music is simply a shining light through layers of darkness that pulls the soul into imagining so much better things. We look forward to hearing more from Impel; They're a major label away from being an overnight success." -