imperfect hero

imperfect hero


Classic rock with a jam band and experimental twist.


My band consists of myself right now, since finding dedicated musicians seems to be pretty tough. The genre, I would say, is whatever I feel like playing at the time, but mostly classic rock, jam band style, and some metal. It is heavily influenced by Pink Floyd, Project 86, and Lamb of God


Gone to Waste

Written By: Chad Hudson

Wasting away,
your skies are gray,
and nothings the same,
as yesterday.

There's a terrible taste,
time has gone to waste,
and nothing you can do or say,
can change the pain.

What was once has now been lost,
it's nearly time that you forgot,
you watched the steel turn into sand,
the helping hands now take command.

Do you remember the days,
you used to get your way,
you grasped your life,
right in your two hands.

Or has it faded away,
blurred dark with shame,
left floating,
on the wings of a long lost dream.