Imperial Dub Sound System

Imperial Dub Sound System


A sonic marvel. Dubtastic Reggae Vibe.


Hailing from New Orleans (NOLA), Imperial Dub Sound System can best be referred to as musical savants. They compose, produce, mix, and write. They enjoy collaborating with a wide range of artists. This variety is evident in their musical influences and his musical roots run deep in the delta mud like a Cyprus in the swamp. This ability to span messages and genera truly express the broad range of human emotion through music. This is The Sound system's Alpha and Omega. Art for Arts sake.


Chocolate City 2007

Set List

Out sets are an hour long and we do dubs of old Roots Reggae Tunes we have live players and a turntablist.

We have an 800 Watt Sound System to play medium sized halls that don't have their own sound system.

Our shows have a video component for each song. We have live video back drops and we have our own projector to do that.