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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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The sophomore release "Turn Off the Oven and get to the Hospital," from The Imperial Public Library, has the IPL showing their dreamy-indie-power-pop-rock (which actually is a genre) flare in full force. From opening track "Grudging Amy" to the grand finale "Goodnight," this is the IPL in peak form. The album, which like most good indie albums recorded in someone's basement, is thirteen tracks that show the band's evolved writing skills. It's is also a showcase of the IPL ability and aptitude for sticking in as many harmonies as humanly possible and even a few extra instruments like trumpets and banjos. The three piece of brothers Bryan and Dave Borzykowski and drummer Shaun Gibson, have attuned a very evolved sound from their first self-titled release and thoroughly capture the band's live energy on this release. The overall result is an extremely well done album that sits well in the CD player on repeat. Make sure to check out the CD release party on November 3rd at the West End Cultural Center. Tickets are $5 from Music Trader.

- Leanne Romaniuk

- Leanne Romaniuk

"Winnipeg Sun"


Turn Off the Oven and Get to the Hospital

If TV and radio signals really do travel endlessly through space and time, does that mean they also travel through dimensions? Because if they do, Imperial Public Library should be able to get a sweet little intergalactic gig supplying cartoon theme songs for worlds at the edge of the universe. Their hour-long album Turn Off the Oven and Get to the Hospital is certainly hovering somewhere near the edge of this world -- in a place where smartypants lyrics come in day-glo shades of yelping, where playful rhythms and free-wheeling melodies get tossed around like a dwarf at a biker bar, where The Beach Boys recruit Johnny Thunders as a lead guitarist to play chunky-monkey Thrush Hermit knockoffs like Stocks and Sauces, and where The Flaming Lips teach the Elephant 6 bridge a few new tricks with twisted love themes like Theobsessionalprofessional and Goodnight. In short, they're in their own little world -- and it's everywhere you want to be.


- By darryl Sterdan

"Uptown" - Melissa Martin


Self titled release - 2000
Turn Off the Oven and Get to the hospital - 2002
Conifera compilation - 2002
Somebody Needs a Timout compilation - 2002
Unreleased Studio Demo - 2003

We have recieved lots of college radio airplay in several provinces. Coffee Trips and Next Years Broken Windows are popular choices for radio DJ's.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Winnipeg power pop rockers Imperial Public Library blend indie power pop with rich vocal harmonies to create energetic and powerful indie rock-and-roll.

Bryan and David Borzykowski, brothers who have been playing music together for eight years, formed the IPL in 2000, but it wasn't until they teamed up with drummer Shaun Gibson a year later that the band became a fixture in Winnipeg's music scene.

The Imperial Public Library's reputation has grown on account of their sweat-soaked, scissor-kick-filled, invigorating live performances. It wasn't long after their first show that the buzz surrounding the IPL grew.

With a self-titled nine-song CD already under their belt, the IPL joined forces with their trusty digital 16 track, and went to work in May 2002, on "Turn Off the Oven and Get to the Hospital," their second CD. Like their first disc, the band recorded, produced and engineered all 13 tracks themselves.

"Turn Off the Oven and Get to the Hospital" was greeted with positive reviews. Smart Connections wrote, "Turn Off the Oven and Get to the Hospital is a fresh, daringly eclectic record balancing between dreamy indie-pop and more driving rock riffs," while the Winnipeg Sun gave the disc four stars. The CD has broken the top 10 on various campus charts and reached #43 on the national campus charts.

Throughout their short career the band has opened for the Joel Plaskett Emergency, By Divine Right, Greg Macpherson and many other influential local acts like Paper Moon and Sixty Stories.

The band recently joined forces with Hayden, By Divine Right, the Two Minute Miracles and others, and contributed a track to "Somebody Needs a Timeout," a compilation of original children's songs.

In addition to their two CDs and the "Somebody Needs a Timeout" compilation, the band can also be heard on the Conifera compilation which features music from 23 local Winnipeg acts.

The song, "Randy Anderson vs. the Hippo" was featured on Nickelodeon's Radio Free Roscoe, and the band is fresh off their first Canadian Music Week performance. The band recently received a demo grant from Manitoba Film and along with Juno nomiated producer Paul Scinocca (Stuido 11) the band recorded a two song demo during the summer.

Some notable quotes on the IPL: "Progessing well toward world domination." -

"The IPL boys are also one of the most interesting rock bands in Winnipeg, having earned their chops playing dozens of gigs with some of Winnipeg's finest bands." - Smart Connections

"Four young guys jumping on monitors, riffing, making funny faces while playing...The lead singer had a wonderfully off-kilter manic energy." -

Quotes for Turn Off the Oven and Get to the Hospital

"Turn Off the Oven offers fans a chance to hear more layers of an already eclectic band, whether it be the collision of 60's pop harmonies and indie-rock grit on songs like 'Fire' or the Simon and Garfunkel-meets-Thrush Hermit quirkiness of "The Rise and Fall of Leonard C. Grums." - Uptown Magazine

"The Flaming Lips teach the Elephant 6 bridge a few new tricks with twisted love themes like Theobsessionalprofessional and Goodnight. In short, they're in their own little world - and it's everywhere you want to be." - Winnipeg Sun, four stars.