Imperial Z

Imperial Z


Melodic alternative rock with introspective lyrics (ala Coldplay, U2, Howie Day, Nada Surf, Pete Yorn)


Founding member of Imperial Z, Dan Zacharias, honed his chops as a singer/songwriter playing in coffee shops and clubs in Boulder, Colorado while attending the University of Colorado.

After graduating, he moved to Los Angeles and formed Imperial Z with bassist Jeff Elmore, an LA studio musician, and drummer Dave Ward, from the electronic outfit Indicia (

Imperial Z found a producer in Kanpai/Domo Records artist Appogee (, who is known for his experimental music as well as his remixes of indie sensation Bright Eyes and Japanese artist Kitaro.

Imperial Z has graced the stage of LA venues such as The Roxy, The Knitting Factory, The Cat Club, and The Sunset Room; as well as Club Congress in Tucson and The Elbo Room in Chicago.

The group caught the attention of LA station 95.5 KLOS who featured 4 of their songs on their "Local Licks" program.

Imperial Z's debut EP - Starz - is available on and at the legendary Tower Records on the Sunset Strip, which featured Starz on a listening station.

The group performed at the Central NACA ( Convention in Arlington, Texas on Oct. 30, 2004.

Imperial Z did a radio campaign with Tinderbox ( in 2004.

Dan did a solo acoustic showcase for BMI ( at Ghengis Cohen in Los Angeles on Jan. 17, 2005.

The music of Imperial Z will be featured in the soon-to-be-released movies “Cross Country” and “Another Part of Town”



Written By: Imperial Z

Carry on when I'm gone my friends
I'm setting sale and I won't be back again
I walk a straight and narrow line between the life of a sinner and the life of a prophet
I lay my head in a different bed each night I see the moon from a different side
And I'm wandering again

I drive at night
when thoughts arrive
I dream by day
I run away
and I travel so light
my house moves each night
I live through your eyes
your pictures are life


Just leave me here
I'm gonna be alright
I'll keep moving on
I'm gonna be alright
The sign on the door says exit
so I'm leaving
The sun coming up gives me something to believe in
The clock on the wall got broken just in time
I lost my keys but I found my mind
wandering through this nomad's life

Strange World

Written By: Imperial Z

It's a strange world
sure is a strange world
with lots of strangers
crowding up these streets
do you know me
do I know you
you look like someone
I once knew
can you tell me a place
where I can go
with familiar faces I might know

I walk along these angry streets
I walk along in disbelief
I'm running here
at the end of the night
I'm running here in the twilight

With all the sights
I've seen in my life
Nothing could prepare me for tonight
With all the things
that have passed through my hands
Nothing could make me understand
Seems like my life is looking for me
With every moment the future keeps crashing towards me

And your a strange girl
you sure are a strange girl
with lots of strangers
crowding up your life
do you know them
and do they know you
you look like someone
I once knew
Can you remember the places
we would go
with familiar faces
we might know

But I still walk
along these angry streets
I walk along, I can't believe
still running here
nothing left to say
it's been so long
since I've seen your face


Still living here in this strange world
and I do live in this world


Written By: Imperial Z

getting closer to the time
when time is on my side
getting closer to the time
where did all the time go

getting closer to the stars
when stars are on my side
closer to the stars
where did all the stars go

reach out
up through the ceiling
break out
these walls can't hold me
I know the starz are on my side
and tonight I'm gonna fly

getting closer to the place
when places are on my side
closer to the place
where did all the places go

getting closer to the stars
when stars are on my side
closer to the stars
where did all the stars go


tonight- I'm getting closer X2
tonight I know that the stars
the stars are on my side
I'm getting closer, closer



Starz - 2004
Tinderbox (
College Radio Campaign featured on:
WIIT/DePaul University, KCSU/Colorado State, KAOS/Evergreen State, KXZY/ Oklahoma State, KAUR/Augustana College, KKSM/ Palomar College, KLC/Lewis & Clark, KMSU/Mankato State, KORD/Concordia, KRCX/Regis University, KUCO/U. of Central Oklahoma, KUMD/U. of Minnesota, NVWR/U. of Nevada, WHCS/Hunter College,

Set List

A different show everytime with songs off the Starz EP, as well as new tracks and occasional covers