Impossible Hair

Impossible Hair


We try to pack songs with hooks, sparse instrumentation, and subtle oddities, while not straying too far from the defining components of rock and roll.


There once was a king who had 4 sons. One was extremely handsome and debonair, one had an enviable collection of slacks, one could really play tennis, and one had a magic pig named Snortington. When the time came for the king to die, he summoned his four children. He turned to his extremely handsome son and said, "to you young Vincent, I bequeath a telecaster and a fire-bellied tremolator." He turned to the son with the exciting slacks and said, "to you Young Jacobson, I bestow yellow thunder." He turned to the great tennis champion and said, "to you Trotsky, I also endow a telecaster and I am entrusting you with my exploding toad." He then turned to the last son and said, "to you Ernesto, I am leaving my collection of ornamental chickens and my trusted cohort, Big Howard, to shake the townspeople when they need shaking." With that he smiled and closed his eyes for the last time.


Debut LP, Tambourines of Fury, is currently in late stages of production.

Set List

Typical set is about 35 minutes all originals:

Tambourines of Fury
The Sound of Kettles
Have You Got the Dog?
The One-legged Man
Theoretical Boss
My Little Brother
Mr. Stephensen
Accidental Claustrophobes
Find It
Lagoon Cockles
X-Ray Man
Sister Hand