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Impossible Objects

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Chain DLK review"

Marc Urselli-Schaerer, of

Impossible Objects is some sort of very original proto-pop-tronica, an innovative and partly isolationist nordic (as in North European)-sounding experimental ambient/electronica with a beautiful and sensual pop approach that makes it a suitable listening experience for both open minded new-pop-music fans as well as seasoned listeners of avant-garde electronic music.

There are a few "musique concrete" influences and sparks of dance music influences here and there to spice up the blend. It definitely has a minimal vibe to it, which makes it sort of alien and outer-worldly, although I personally wouldn't mind it if the rhythmical structures were to take off and form shapes of their own and more defined beats to sort of carry the groove on. It's futuristic, it's loungey, it's exciting, it's beautiful. It could be compared to a fine mixture of Young Gods, Taxi, Balligomingo, Delerium and some more British sounding stuff (Future Sound of London, Portishead, Massive Attack)... It also has sort of a Warp sound halo (think Autechre, Boards of Canada and stuff like that).

I definitely like the vocal pieces better. When it's instrumental it
sounds even more European and minimalist, which is not necessarily a
bad thing, I just personally prefer the way the vocal stuff vibes with
the music.



2003 -- D Sending (LP -- self release)

2004 -- Excessity (EP -- self release)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Impossible Objects is a DDJ -- the next step in the crossbreeding of the DJ and the drum. Rhythms, songs and sounds loop out of David Weiss’ one-man sound station in combinations dance inducing, intriguing and delicious.

Weiss has recently applied his unique angle to making loops, sound beds and songs for TV, film and multimedia. He is the founder of, an innovative provider of loops and one-shots, whose MYBVolume1 with Jamaican percussion legend Larry McDonald has just debuted at online loop library His sound effects and samples have been incorporated for live event use at Madison Square Garden. His beats and bass lines are also the sonic identity of “Thunder Alley”, a pilot show produced for the Speed Channel by Champ Car and CART Racing. In addition, he oversaw the sound design for the Off-Broadway play “Syndrome”, which saw successful runs in both NYC and London in 2002.

The songs on Impossible Objects EP disc, including “Only Clouds”, “Island In The Sea”, “Wireless”, “Like Tigers” and “VeeBee” showcase Weiss’ production and songwriting talents in the genres of dance/electronica both with and without female vocals. Guest vocalist Ananda Adams’ and Yana’s voices, are at turns sultry, moody, beautiful and always expressive, consistently drawing favorable comparisons to some of today’s most respected singers, in pop and the underground.

David grew up drumming in Detroit, then entered NYC via metal. His experimetal duo Uvula drew widespread critical praise for its uncompromising approach. As Impossible Objects, David has performed in NYC venues such as Galapagos and LOCAL, as well as at underground parties like Primal Digital.

All songs are wholly owned, no samples, copyright 2004, ASCAP.

Thanx for listening.

Contact David Weiss AT 212-253-1894

PO BOX 331
NEW YORK, NY 10276-0331