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Impossible Odds

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | MAJOR

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | MAJOR
Band Hip Hop Soul


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Herd - Sietta - Impossible Odds @ Hi Fi"

..."Brisbanes politically-motivated hip hop outfit Impossible Odds open the Muggy Evening. The crowd's shy and huddled back at the bar; A point gravelly-voiced Frontman Fred Leone repeatedly addresses, but to the same muted response. Literally bringing a new performer to stage with each successive song, the local outfit are a stand out because of their staunchly un-commercial, and righteously old-school approach to the genre. Peppered with Rival MC's dense speedy flow, DJ Returnagain's beats pump their rich and rudimentary pomp around a sound thats reminiscent of the classics without being affected, or pretentious". - Time Off Live review 03.09.11

"Home & Hosed Review" - Triple J (08/04/09)


With just an EP and three singles to their name since forming five years ago, the nurturing of Fred Leone’s own creativity whilst encouraging the self-expression of others has contributed to the long wait to finish Impossible Odds’ debut album, Against All Odds.

“For the last seven years I’ve been doing hip hop workshops in communities, particularly Indigenous communities around Queensland,” explains Leone, MC and respected community leader. “I’m just takin’ hip hop to the communities and givin’ these young people some tools to be able to express themselves in a healthy way without imitating US culture.”......
The simple act of rapping about his own life means the crew is now attempting to box their way out of the hip hop genre – and the Indigenous hip hop sub-genre. “Before I was labelled Indigenous hip hop, I was an Aussie hip hop artist and then I won an award and it was an Indigenous hip hop competition, so then that label’s been put on me. I do represent my people but I don’t want it to be at the risk of being boxed into this genre – I want people to go, ‘Hey, he’s Aussie hip hop and he’s Indigenous and he’s talking about some really cool stuff’”
WHO: Impossible Odds
WHAT: Against All Odds (Impossible Odds Records/MGM)
WHEN & WHERE: Saturday, Oxford Art Factory - Drum Media (Nov '11)

"5 STAR RATING ABC ONLINE" - ABC Online Indigenous

"Single Of The Week"

Impossible Odds (Independent)

Brisbane MC Fred Leone AKA Rival MC has gathered a few friends together and recorded an EP of five tracks that is going to make him immediately stand out from the crowd. Sought-after Australian producer Tony Buchen has helped Impossible Odds create a sound that is very international sounding, while Leone’s lyrics and rapping style are unarguably local. His lyrics are realistically upbeat, and reflect his experience as an Indigenous Australian. While he does tackle some big issues facing his people, his gift is the way he communicates his message and stories with the listener on a very personal level.
Musically, the EP covers a lot of different ground - ‘Look In My Eyes’ has a feel somewhere between early J Dilla and 3 Feet High And Rising era Prince Paul, while ‘Everyday Is A Challenge’ features a big soul hook, which helps to make the track one of the highlights.
Leone is a very talented MC, and there could be no doubt that this EP will prove itself to be one of the most important Australian hip hop releases this year.

- Time Off Magazine 20/05/08

"Release of the Week"

Never tell me the odds
Impossible Odds are a Brisbane hip hop crew putting out an EP made possible by a grant from the
JB Seed. This is therefore the best CD John Butler has ever been responsible for. That’s mainly down to the
winning opener, Laugh It Off , which sums up front man Rival MC’s reaction to discrimination and tough times with a bouncy, mock-cheerful chorus of hard-knock whistles. It’s like the chimney-sweeping orphans of the world have all got together to add their voices to the somewhat sarky “Don’t worry about being locked up or beaten up, bruv!” tone. Making it through this hard life is a common feature of the songs, underpinned by jazzy horns that keep it upbeat. There are a couple of rhymes that don’t quite hit the beat, but apart from that there’s none of the first-release awkwardness you’d expect. This one’s something to be proud of.

- Magazine 10/06/08

"EP Review Five Stars"

Rap can at times end up sounding all the same. And these days, the only way to get noticed is to sound different, which is what Brisbane Hip Hop outfit, Impossible Odds have managed to do on their self-titled debut EP.
Impossible Odds was funded through JB Seed Speak - an Indigenous Hip Hop Competition. Rival MC (aka Fred Leone - the core of Impossible Odds, with guest, UZY MC) was awarded $25,000 to record with Sydney producer, Tony Buchen. The outcome is a tight release which uses samples as varied as tuba and horns to a Snow White and the Seven Dwarf-esque whistling which kicks off the first track, 'Laugh it Off'.

Hip Hop or Rap (depending on your school of thought and if you’re old enough to remember when Hip Hop wasn’t one genre but a number of elements) has gone through many changes - and some argue that the original 'message' has been watered down since the genre found mainstream success. But Indigenous Hip Hop has continually peddled the 'message' of everyday challenges, which has maintained the essence of the genre’s lyrical roots. In many of Impossible Odds' tracks, like 'Hey People', real life is clearly conveyed - “Constant pain and grief, death would be nothing but relief, from these wild streets, fight beefs and racist scenes”.

And as corny as it sounds, life experiences is what makes the vehicle of Hip Hop so powerful and so accessible to those who feel disenfranchised or socially ostracised. At the end of the day all you need is a pen, paper and someone to beat box and you’re in business.

'Hey People' also showcases the laid back Pacific Island style harmonies which are a nod to MC Rival’s Tongan roots and features UZY MC (aka Jeremy Youse). 'Rock the Stages' features a strong funk influence which could’ve been a great opportunity to implement a heavy dose of P-Funk slap bass and is also a little Lupe Fiasco in its sound. 'Everyday is a Challenge' takes it down a notch, allowing the EP to explore an RnB groove and smooth vocal stylings.

Overall, the Impossible Odds is an interesting mix of samples, influences and political content which doesn’t shy away from the life this Indigenous MC has had. So if you like your Hip Hop with a message, check out Impossible Odds and other Indigenous Hip Hop and see how this group is keeping the message real.
- ABC Online 01/05/2008

"Live Gig Review"

Tzu’s farewell gig at the Zoo
On friday I went down to the Valley to check out TZU’s farewell gig.
It has been a while since I have been to the Zoo, but like hanging out at an old school friends house, it was still the same as I remembered it.
The guys from Impossible Odds were rocking the stage when I arrived, I thought they were cool and full of energy. They had the crowd well and truly warmed up, and when they dropped their last track, a remixed version of House of Pain’s Jump Around, everyone did just that! The guys were having fun with the song, substituting some of the lyrics with their own more politically correct ones. Khan Tihema – Courier Mail Blog Monday, March 23, 09 (07:00 pm)
- Courier Mail

"Quote from John Butler"

“It's so good to hear what these guys have to say. Conscious, soulful, political and funky. Apart from being great musicians they have a great message to offer the youth of today and all the challenges that they face. I hope to hear Impossible Odds blaring out of radios around the country for years to come. I think it's only the beginning for what we’ll see from this great act”, said John Butler. - John Bulter

"Quote from Carlo Santone (Blue King Brown"

“The strength, integrity and determination of Impossible Odds is inspirational, the tracks are rockin’ and this EP has captured the magic of a great artist” Carlo Santone, BLUE KING BROWN.

- Carlo Santone

"Quote from Tony "Buchman" Buchen"

"As Impossible Odds, Fred Leone voices the struggle and culture of oppression his people has endured in an accessible and musical way that makes his message extremely powerful. I can honestly say that Fred is an inspiring person to work with and be around. I believe he's destined to play an important role in bridging the gap between white and black Australians in the years to come. Aside from that, he's a damn fine MC", said Tony Buchen (Producer).

- Tony Buchen


Impossible Odds Self Titled EP Released Oct 2008
Digital Single 'Soul of The Troubadour' Released Nov 2009
LP 'Against all Odds' Released Oct 2011
Digital Single 'Everything' Released Nov 2011



"Ferociously intelligent...Rival MC quips with the informed subtlety of Kev Carmody and spits with a visceral slag like Henry Rollins's. 'Cept hip-hoppier with specifically Aussie concerns." - Triple J

With their unique story telling ability, Rival MC (Fred Leone), DJ Return again (James Vincent), Kaylah 'KayEmTee' Tyson and Soul singer Georgia Corowa will collectively take you on a journey through the mind of contemporary Aboriginal Australia addressing not only issues facing their people, but also Australian society and the global community in general.

On record, is the delivery of a solid Australian Hip Hop sound fusing cultural tradition, rhythm and dance into their live shows.
Impossible Odds is known around the Nation for breaking out of the stereotypical mold of ‘Aussie Hip Hop’ with influences from Gospel, to the smooth laid back Pacific Island style harmonies inherited from Rivals’ Tongan and Georgia's South Sea Islander Heritage.
The full 6-piece live lineup incorporates 18 yr old drumming hotshot Marley J and bass player Big Daddy T...the formidable rhythm section of Classik Nawu.

2011 for Impossible Odds included....
- Nomination for 2011 Qld Music Awards Courier Mail ‘People’s Choice’
- Support slot for The Herd on the Qld leg of their National Tour
- Headlining honours at ‘Stylin Up’ Festival, Inala Qld.
- A feature track on Qmusic and Virgin’s Home 3 compilation
- An Export showcase spot at Bigsound Conference
- The closing of the year also saw a National headline tour and highly anticipated sophomore long player, 'Against all Odds'.

With production that takes its cue from accessible and organic Hip Hop stylists such as the Roots, Madlib and Kanye West, Rival MC projects an intelligent, socially conscious attitude that speaks volumes for the victories and setbacks, the experiences and life lessons he has gained throughout his life.
Live or recorded, the music of Impossible Odds will leave you suspended somewhere between Inspiration and Empowerment.