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Hawthorne, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Hawthorne, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Rock Psychedelic




""Someone, Sometime, Somewhere" ALBUM REVIEW"

This week Nick brings us Someone Sometime Somewhere by Imposters, out of Hawthorne , NY released on October 5th 2019. The nine track album clocks in at 37:57 and is great way to spend 40 minutes with some great & progressiive pop-rock. The album at moments reminds me of Steely Dan, Wilco, Wings, The Smiths & XTC. Antibiotics is definitely the track that stood out to me on first listen. The album itself is a piano driven mashup of 70s soft rock and 90s alternative. It masters the Sonics of both without losing definition of the other. I think the album is perfect other than one filler track which could have been shortened and made an intro to the finale. This is the first work under the monicker Imposters but previously the songwriter wrote under Break Down The Walls and was a bit more eclectic. Some songs were even more in the pop-punk vein. Some great material there but I actually enjoy this incarnation up a lil more. Though I recommend the song Down Goes Hollywood from 2016. It’s a banger in its own genre - Sounds Like Liberty (I Heard This Happened Podcast)

""Someone" review"

With the core of Jake Albi, Nick Greto, and TJ De Rosa (long time friends and fellow music makers) formed in 2015 Jake’s previous project daisychain had disbanded, he sought a new musical direction. Now after another moniker change (formerly Break Down The Walls), the Imposters continue with vigor and innovation, as they’ve always done. Off of their latest full album ‘Someone, Sometime, Somewhere’, this single is a commemorative vibe that combines the vibes of Oasis, Beatles, and Soundgarden, to make something that ‘someone’ like you can enjoy with a timid but exasperatingly pertinent grin from ear to ear. Like a thought from a grand ol’ written novel, the vastness of ‘Someone’, viewed through the gentle wafting of its aft and just chorus harmony, casts that chill of gratefulness. A fulfilling and satisfying offering, that get you right ‘here’. The Hawthorne, NY originating band, delivers with deliberate and meaningful rock n’ roll, perfect for those upcoming Autumn days and nights. A partner for fending off those affectionate blues. - Come Here Floyd

""Living In America" FULL ALBUM REVIEW"

Living in America encaptures the best of rock throughout the past 30 years. There’s points with these spacey, almost Pink Floyd-esque guitar riffs, paired with some grungier rhythm guitar and drums, and then vocal melodies that get caught in your head and have you singing along all day. This album is the product of a group of very intelligent musicians using an entire palette of influences from the some of the best rock bands of all time. And while it’s easy to sound too similar to your influences, (see Greta Van Fleet) they put enough of their own modern twist on it that it sounds new, fresh, and original and will keep you coming back for more. If the culmination of the last 30 years of rock isn’t enough for you this is also a politically charged, concept album talking about a shooter and what’s wrong with “living in America.”

The album opens with “Red Flags” speaking of a shooter with no warning signs or “red flags.” It starts off gentle and almost spacey at times before becoming explosive at the bridge and transitioning smoothly into “Actual John” exposing the red flags of the shooter. “Smartest Man in the Room” is another balls to the wall track with a drum groove that goes from accenting the guitar to a very “War Pigs” like riff. The title track, “Living in America” is one of my favorites from the album. The guitar and drums drive this song along before opening up for the chorus where Jake’s voice floats over the top, speaking more of how no one remembers the victims’ names, but always the shooters’.

“Early in the Evening” is my personal favorite from the record. It’s that feel good, groovin’ rock tune that you play over and over again. Is that some Smashing Pumpkins I hear in the guitar riff? Like I said before, just enough of their influence that makes you turn your head and think, but not enough that makes it cheese. The “oooooo’s” in the chorus? Ooo yeah, nice nice nice yes. The guitar solo at the end? YES. This is pure unadulterated rock right here, fuck yeah. If you only listen to one song from the album, (do yourself a favor and listen to all of it) make sure it’s this one.

Every great rock album needs a ballad. It’s a rule. Is it? I think so. “The Desperation” is their ballad. The whole is balls to wall fucking rock and it’s nice to have a quick breath towards the end here. Opting for keys instead of guitar and…fucking scissors instead of hi hats. (When I first read the liner notes, I thought the whole scissors thing was a joke and then I heard it and pictured Nick standing in front of a mic opening and closing scissors and it’s so ridiculous that it works so well.)

The eight minute saga “Heavy Hearts Hollow Heads” needs to be talked about so here we go. It starts off with some nice somber guitar before absolutely fucking blowing your face off. Turn on that distortion, hell yeah. It’s a straight wall of noise to the end and it’s just great, you just have to listen. Even the title hits hard and speaks the truth. This is an incredible song. Closing out the record is “The Fourth Wall.” It’s short and sweet and is the perfect outro to an incredible album.

The boys in Break Down the Walls really struck some gold here. It’s hard to keep a listener’s attention for an entire hour and five minutes, but they do so with ease. They keep it moving with driving drums, slick guitar riffs, and lyrics that make you question everything that’s wrong with society. - Groovy Tunes

""Early in the Evening" Song Review"

Can’t believe a band like IMPOSTERS (FORMERLY) BREAK DOWN THE WALLS exist. It’s a good thing that they do. For sometimes, when we wake up in the morning, we’re dazed and confused about why we live, eat, shower, and sleep – just to do things like that again the next day. Pretty mundane way to think about things? Yep. And when life throws you situations like that – same ol’, same ol’ – it’s even more crucial we have outlets like the songs this band delivers. ‘Early In The Evening’ is exactly the antidote for the ‘nihilistic blues’. And when you listen, and hear the bending of that solitary note, reminiscent of the garage/grunge vibe of the 90’s, you’re slapped back alive, and awake once more. As the song drives up and up with ever coursing injection of adrenaline with soaring vocals and ravenous drums, you’re hit with that chuckle of admiration and epiphany. “Dang this song’s good.” stated YOU, as you drooled. The core members are Jake Albi, Nick Greto, and TJ De Rosa. And they make kick-ass, straight forward rock-whoopin’ singles. You should be listening. - Come Here Floyd!

"Groovy Tunes "Someone, Sometime, Somewhere" REVIEW"

Imposters fka Break Down the Walls dropped a god damn gem earlier this month and you just gotta listen to it. The album is an ever so tight and crisp thirty-eight minutes of pure fucking rock n roll.

It starts with “Corduroy” which puts you in an almost dream like state for the first two minutes set up with piano, floating lyrics, and marching band like drums. You’re eventually given a hot sec to collect your thoughts before some driving drums come in and fuck yeah now we’re cooking. The drums, accompanied with the piano, drive the shit out of the song from here out. The bridge throws some horns in the mix and now we got a full stage of instruments and it just really puts this song over the top.

Next up is “Someone” and I’m a straight sucker for these 6/8 feels so I was in love at first listen. The song is sandwiched between a six and six and a half minute song so this clocking in at 2:50 is perfect. It’s short, sweet, and straight to the point. No bullshit here. Just driving drums, melodic guitars and almost anthemic vocals. Hell yeah.

I think “Antibiotics” is my favorite song on the album. The first time I listened I immediately thought of “Waste” by Brand New. It’s just so good. The instrumentation is perfect, the melodies are perfect, the pacing is perfect, it’s just perfect. And then you hit bridge and they get all fucking spacey on you with the repeating guitar riff and a hip drum beat with the toms mhm mhm. This song is SO good and you just need to listen to it.

I get serious Radiohead vibes from “The Reaper.” That chord progression is sinister which I just realized as I type this out fits the name PERFECTLY wow good job boys. The vocals accenting the acoustic guitar riff is so hip too. The song really opens up at the bridge with building drums and guitars and some ahh’s thrown in there before it goes right back to that sinister progression from the intro. Oh yeah.

Next up is my favorite track on the record. “Five Months (Again)” is SUCH a good song. I’ve been singing this shit in my head since I first heard it. It’s so so so so good. It’s just straight forward rock in all of the best ways. It’s the perfect follow up to the previous two depressing ass songs (I mean that in a great way.) The first verse starts with a very minimalist drum groove and chugging guitar until it opens up a little at the chorus which is catchy as FUCK. Then we groove right on into the second verse which features a slick little blues lick on guitar and some stops. Later on we get one of those pop punk shout choruses which you may think might not work, but it works and it works well. After that we roll right on into the always classic guitar solo which is tasteful and fits the song well. This song is a goddamn masterpiece. I fucking love it.

I told myself I wasn’t going to do a track by track breakdown so I will stop here and tell you the rest of the album features a song that reminds me of a drunken sailor, some smooth, and I mean this loosely, jazz rock, and a space rock odyssey that takes you to the finish line.

Someone, Sometime, Somewhere is the perfect introduction to the new era of this band now known as Imposters. It’s a tight, easy listen that you’ll be singing along to for days. If this is a glimpse of what’s to come, I cannot wait for the next album.

Give em a like on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @Impostersdotcom and Instagram @imposterstheband - JC from Groovy Tunes


(as Imposters) 2019-Present

Someone, Sometime, Somewhere (2019) 

(as Break Down The Walls)
Living in America (2019)
A Life of Dreams (2017)
Down Goes Hollywood/Five Months (2016)
Break Down The Walls (2016)



Formed in 2015 after Lead Vocalist Jake Albi's previous project daisychain had disbanded, he sought a new musical direction and counted on lifelong friends guitarist Nick Greto and bassist Kaitlin Damico to help him do so. Shortly after, the band released their first full length self titled LP in March 2016, under the name Break Down The Walls. That summer they also released a 2 song EP featuring the songs "Down Goes Hollywood" and "Five Months."
Soon after, the group asked Mercy College classmate TJ De Rosa to play guitar and join them in creating a drastically different sound. The result was their 2nd album titled "A Life of Dreams", released in December of 2017. It was a night and day drop off from LP1's energetic punk sound, to LP2's more psychedelic, grunge sound.
After the departure of Damico and vigorous performing promoting the first 2 albums, they set their sights on making their 3rd album that took almost a full year of production. In March 2019, Living in America was released, a 16 song concept album following the timeline of a fictional mass shooter nicknamed "Actual John." While the story takes place over the course of one day, there are various flashbacks where the listener learns about John's past, and further insight as to why he chose to carry out his attack.
The band made then decision to change the band name to Imposters. And currently the newest album,
"Someone, Sometime, Somewhere" is available now!

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