Impostor Syndrome

Impostor Syndrome


Alternative, indie rock. Heavy, well structured, yet not predictable. Catchy with great singing.


On 11/11/06, Kristen Persinos wrote to Craig Rogers:

“Craig, help me with this bio before I pull out all of my hair. The point is to say:

1. Impostor Syndrome is a rock trio from the Lower East Side in New York City.
2. Impostor Syndrome is different, yet accessible.
3. Impostor Syndrome is unpredictable and dynamic.
4. Impostor Syndrome is not sugar coated.
5. Kristen can actually sing and the lyrics don’t suck.
6. Kristen can actually play guitar while singing!
7. Ken is a monster on bass.
8. Craig has a brain and can count past 4.
9. Craig and Ken play so well together, they should just get a room and get it over with.
10. Been compared to early Pretenders, PJ Harvey, but we really don’t sound like either.

Am I missing anything?”

On 11/11/06, Craig Rogers wrote to Kristen Persinos:

“That’s everything. Now stop obsessing”


Fresh Air 2006
Lips 2003
3 song ep 2001

Streaming on myspace and web site

Set List

Should I
Who said
All Night Long
Some nights
How Come
The Same
Are you afraid
Waste my time
Fresh Air

Length 35 - 40 minutes
Don't usually do covers