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10 song E.P due out 9/11/06


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The band LIQUOR BOXX is finally among us. Years in the making, these four incredibly talented musicians and close friends came together to create a sound they believe in. Something that differed from the main stream scenester type noise that’s out there today. We have songs that ring bells in your heart and soul, body and mind, and places that you never thought you’d find. There’s a life form that exists in the music we create. The music is not something of the future nor past. We create and control what’s alive in the room, somewhat of a premonition of spiritual awakening with vibrations that seek continual life. These young, talented musicians know all to well it can be found anywhere at anytime. If you see LIQUOR BOXX perform live, you may find out for yourself what a song sounds like when musicians work with feel, and an impulsive and contagious vibe. We will bring you along with us on a musical journey that may last minutes or hours. Impulse is not easily described, but rather witnessed. We are a phenomenon that you don’t plan or foresee... these events of the evening, you experience it... Let the sweat through your pores be a realization of living, not the ringing in your ears, or the tickle in your throat, the actual product of good music is what covers you in the blanket of the heavens above. We are LIQUOR BOXX and we will bring it... LIQUOR BOXX has played alongside Leroy Brown, and Vance Kelley featuring the backstreet blues band at B.L.U.E.S. CHICAGO. These are no average, low class, soulless musicians. A rock band with a late 60's early 70's feel AND A NEW AGE TWIST. compared to Led Zeppelin These fine young gentleman have rocked with the best of them and can silence a room with one note. These four white city dwellers have the blues and know how to rock your soul. Invitations are more excepted than bookings. If you are interested in being graced by their presence you can find them at MYSPACE.COM/LIQUORNBOOZE Thank you, LIQUOR BOXX


Kevin was given his first acoustic guitar by his mother for Christmas in 1995. Influenced by Dave Mathews, The Grateful Dead, Phish, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin, he began to evolve as a musician. He developed a singer songwriter mindset, and a style that was all his own. His latest project,"LIQUOR BOXX", is a small group of very talented musicians with energy, style and feel. Kevin has developed an appetite for destruction. Being compared by some as the next Robert Plant with his wide range and adlib feel for accentuating notes, he is a true melody in motion. His appetite for women is just as large as his appetite for music. When Kevin Mace steps onstage, it is his; he controls it, along with your ears, eyes, and soul.


Ptrack started to play guitar in the fall of 1995 when he was 13 years old. Influenced by Jimi Hendrix, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Allman Brothers, SRV, and Satriani, he is the wild man of the bunch. With an almost obsessive attention to detail, he picked apart the works of these masters and created his own style. While working at Buddy Guy's, Patrick listened, learned and played with some of Chicago's blues greats. patricks philosophy is that anyone can go to school and be told what to play. look at sheet music and play notes, but its the magic and the ability to reach inside your self and pour every ounce of emotion into every note so the entire audience can feel what you created. His over the head, behind the back guitar acrobatics make him a party to watch, but it is Patrick's incredible taste and feel that makes his live performance an unforgettable experience.


"Vegas" Vic began his musical career in the winter of 1991 in an old, small, storefront church with an old set of drums. Within a couple of years he ended up falling in love with the guitar. While mostly self taught, at the age of fourteen he met David Quinones, one of the most renouned bass players in the latin music scene, and eventually became one of David's students. His music style and interest range in various areas including: rock, blues, bossa nova, salsa, jazz, latin rock and metal among others with influences such as Hendrix, SRV, Satriani, Vai, Les Claypool and Phish. "I love music and everything that comes with it. The fun, parties, girls, booze and having a blast! If it makes a sound I'll play it. I've played trumpet, guitar, bass, piano, drums and an old banjo once but I was drunk so I really sucked! I only play with people that love what they do, and enjoy a challenge on stage! Fifteen years have gone by and i'm ready for at least fifteen more! NOTHING SLEEPS LIKE A BASS PLAYER!" His bass style emulates that of David Quinones in many ways. Voicings, slaps, harmonics and feel combine for bass lines that will stick inside your head, hypnotize you and make you want to get drunk and dance!

Johnny "Pipedreamz" Stoneking

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