Clearwater, Florida, USA

We play world music, which includes reggae, soca, Compa, cadance,zouk,reggaeton dancehall and carlypso. We enjoy playing together and wants to take our music to the next level.


Formed in 1997 the band was made up of three original members, Ted Henderson on bass & vocals, Derrick Liverpool on drums & vocals and Russell Henderson on guitar & vocals. Our first series together was at Schaefers in Cheasapeake City, Maryland where we were invited for 2 more consecutive summers accompanied by the enchanting sound of the steel drums. In 2000 we recorded and released our first cd 'Reunion' as Brothers Intent and then decided to remain in Florida. Since then we have performed at numerous events around the state. The Voodoo Lounge in Orlando, opening for Steel Pulse in House of Blues in Orlando, several appearances at the Bob Marley Centre in City Walk, Orlando, opening for Toots and the Maytals then Yellowman at Skippers Smoke House, opening for Third World at Bongos in Bradenton, the Black Heritage yearly events in St Petes and numerous more. In the year 2002 we then released our second cd ' Find A Way' this time as Impulse. Our regular gigs are at The Green Iguana in Tampa on alternate Sunday afternoons from 2 - 6pm, Frescos Sunday evenings from 7- 11, every Wednesday at Skippers from 8.00 - 11.30pm and Fridays and Saturdays either Skarkys in Venice, Green Backs in Clearwater, Farlows in Englewood, The Atrium in Clearwater and different private functions. Then Tooklhye Shorwazz on vocals and Leroy Guiste joined as a guitarist and vocalist in mid 2003 upgrading to a five piece band.



Written By: Derrick Liverpool

So many nights you sit home cryin
you say you're fine but I know you're lying
you pretend everyday like everything is right
but I know you sit home and through the night
IF you need some company
I'll be there for you
and I know that you'll be free
to go dancin
do you wanna
dance with me I say
said I'm gonna
chase your blues away
no more sadness
dance with me I say
said I'm gonna
chase your blues away
Everytime I'm with you
girl I've noticed
things are never right
and you never seem okey
you put a smile on your face to pretend
just to cover up the hurt that you're
feeling inside
do you wanna
dance with me I say
said I'm gonna
chase your blues away
no more cryin
dance with me I say
said I'm gonna
chase your blues away
You want me to dance and chase my blues away
to tell oyu the truth I don't know what to say
if you need me I'll be there for you
baby when I'm sad and even when
I'm blue
come along there's no time to play
I mean what I say so baby dance this way
I'll be there with you when the skies a gray and your company I will be night and day

Can't You Hear

Written By: Impulse Entertainment

Jah gives life to each & everyone
that we may grow to be the best we can
pain & suffering that's all we seem to bear
and the world leaders don't even really care
Can't you hear the babies crying (Can't you hear them crying)
Brothers & sisters they are dying (from drugs & crime)
Can't you see our mother's hurting
She is hurting
And our fathers they are suffering
(2nd Verse)
Jah is the light that shines from up above
And teaches us how to live in peace and love
So many wars happen each and every day
Sometimes the children get so scared
Can't even play
(3rd Verse)
World wide nations with political beliefs
Religious differences drive everyone to grief
To solve this problem
We all need to unite
Despite our race,
mentality or pride
Oh my Father
Oh my Father
Yes, I call on thee
Cause we need your help & guidance
To set us free
They got guns, bombs, drugs, and ammunition
They are putting our youth them out of commission
War in the North, South, West and Middle East
And our people can't live in peace
If this continues, the world will go under
And our children will have no future

American Dream

Written By: DerrickLiverpool/TedHenderson

The land of opportunities
is it of the proud the brave and free
flag by the red white and blue yes
democracy reigns but true justice are few.
The American dream
we want a piece of the pie
the American dream
searching for a better life
the American dream
sky's the limit many think it
the American
So many people have had to roam
in search of progress
live their families home
some successed but others fail yea
in a place so vase
where there's fortune and fame
Came to do what I must do
Inorther to help my family
though some try to keep me down
I am here still going strong
I know Jah is by my side
and I know that he's my guide
I will keep on striving inorther to survive
we realize but criticize
question the wealth yet poverty still lays
in every land there's good and bad yes
just not everyone is fortunate to have.
Sometime you work so very hard
yet the hand of cards delt to you seem so bad
you've got to have determinatoin yes
someday you mite just reach your destination.


2000 released Reunion as Brothers Intent. 2002 we
released our secound cd Find a way as Impulse, and in 2006 we released two cds at once,1 in reggae (Can't you hear) and the other in worldbeat
(Life is living).You can buy our cd at CDBABY .com
or you can hear us on myspace.
com, or laimpulseband) and americanidole

Set List

we play a one to one and a half hour sets.We do three sets with two 1/2hr breaks. we play originals and covers. With songs from artists such as Bob Marley,Third World,Aswad,Kassav,SteelePulse,
Kevin Lyttle,Krossfire, Midnight Groovers and many more.