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This band has not uploaded any videos



"John Pfeiffer"

Blackwood, New Jersey, is
a quiteCamdenCounty suburb
whose main claim to fame is
the giantTireGirl; recently transformed
to the superhero NitroGirl that
dominates the landscape along
U.S.Hwy 30.That alone turns
my head, but there’s also
Impulsive Decision, a fivepiece
guitar heavy group of
rockers that survive in this
dystopia of the Jersey Devil.
When I first heard the name
I figured I was in for the usual
dose of sensitivemale crying,
girl jeans andmascara butwas
pleasantly surprised when I
broke out this latest disc entitled
Far FromThru, an independent
release featuring 10 cool tunes
of varying timbre and tone.Far
from pretentious, Impulsive
Decision look like a bunch of
normal dudes playing
traditional, albeit heavy-duty
rock and roll in the vein of Blink
182 or Third Eye Blind and
they prove that you really cant
judge a book by its cover.
The vocals impressed me
asmuch as the writing on this
disc.This singer really doesn’t
sound like the myriad of
vocalists that are deep in the
typical teen quagmire that’s
already so overdone in
America. Impulsive Decisions’
bold, thought out sound
supports Murtaugh well,
blendingmonster tight guitars,
drums and bass in the heavy
punkish vein of AFI and the
composition style of Sunny
Day Real Estate.
A fewofmy faves on the disc
were the standout radio
potential of “For What It’s
Worth,” an octave-spewing
monster that uses dynamic
space well in combination with
a guitar-heavy army, blaring
to the edge and shutting down
fast for vocal support during
verses, building into the bridges
and blowing up the choruses.
Other interesting tunes were
“Lady Black” as well as disc
closer “Not So Solid,” the “pop”
cut on the disc if you can call
it that as it breaks the
monotony with its tempo and
melody changes in an almost
two-song-in-one thing.
“FarAway”is another sleeper
that seems to start off in ballad
territory butwinds up being the
wild card on the disc with its
twists and turns.While I’m not
crazyabout thecoverband-type
name, the highly original vocals
of Brian Murtaugh and a solid
grasp on writing put Impulsive
career. For a mascara-free
experience, check themout at
and go check out the Uniroyal
girl at
- Shore World/The Aquarian


Far From Thru 2008



Impulsive Decision has been together since early 2007. The five band members blend into one and have developed a powerful sound. ID plays their music with passion, determination and force. The band plays for their fans, they are a great show not just a great sound.
The reviews of their first EP included "radio ready", "perfection" and "very best". When you see the band they are five individuals, when you hear the band they become Impulsive Decision.
Don't miss the chance to book this band, it won't be long before they are headlining large venues.