In Medias Res

In Medias Res

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

We are the third best band. The Beatles, Radiohead, then us, In Medias Res... We try very hard for the truth, for you, for our friends and families...


years ago. band attempted to take over the world. failed. heard they made it as far as nyc. to the bigtime. but they weren't ready, and the bigtime sure wasn't ready for them. now. bloodied and bruised, with broken hand and missing teeth, it returns. IMR, or in medias res, or however you want to say it, spell it, mispronounce it. they don't care. really. just listen. ryan gordon flowers. what a messianic complex sounds like on four-stringed bass guitar, tuned to drop-everything. ash. unfurled singaporian soft-hits-radio-producing rage upon fretboard of obsolete winged mess. andrew lee. roar. broken and beating. stadiumrock guitar pyrotechnic trampled by indie rock gods of yesteryear. steve. playing not on, but through wood, skin, and metal. ashamed at attraction to straight time. hiding out in dark basements for the best part of a year after tour upon tour, few thousand sales to the name, dodging break up rumors both outside and in. rediscovering love of rock n' roll. what it was, what it could still be. noise, melody, and joy - for its own sake. for those waiting to find something left beating in the heart of rock n' roll, something worth dancing to, something worth singing to, something ugly, and yet beautiful... they were never cool. and rock n' roll never really made that much money anyways.


Flight of the Badass Bees

Written By: In Medias Res

Oh my mother's
christian outrage,
christian outrage
as I sing

In my grave
my tongue on fire,
hair on fire
in my grave

Like a thief
the fire came
the fire came
I was asleep

is singing a tune
he sings a tune
for me

Swarms of bees
are flying home
they're flying home
away from here

Wait and watch
the water level
as they fly away
from here

Earth or Fire
Sky or Children

Watch it fly away...

This is the Night and what it does to you

Written By: In Medias Res

This always happens
my spine pulled out for all to see
it's how you found me
nothing to offer you
but this mess
the air around us
refuses to let us breathe
so we sleep
we sleep

Take this armor off me
I was never ready to fight
this time it's for real
trying to hold it back I fail
I must leave you here
no one asked you to come with me
nothing here

And you know this was all for love
and you take what you can't give back
you take the mistake
and you know that this was all for love...


Written By: In Medias Res

When will I begin
and when will it end
a vision of myself
I re-imagine

Tonight I'm new
I'm a storm
I'll make it rain
when you need it most

A light fell
upon my hands at my desk
these white walls singing out
for memories, to hang

I'm not real
I'm yours to mold
a moment of grace
before you sleep

What's left to hide
I'm on your side
the way was never clear
but we're here...


A Cause for Concern

Written By: In Medias Res

Walking through unwinding paths
that lead me to no end
how I have searched endlessly
for something to believe

A picture that captures time
a moment we can realize
that there is more for us to see
but out of focus it always seems

Don’t wait for the lines to change
don’t wait for a sign
you let all these years pass by
it’s time that you let go

It’s not too late

You had too many days
to wait upon these lines
you had to wait for time to pass
you waited all these years
it’s time for you to leave this place
it’s time to run away

Don’t wait for this to settle in
it’s time that you found out


Top Secret, Not Real (LP, Release date and Label TBA 2008)
We Are Everywhere (EP, May 2006)
Of What Was (LP, May 2005, Anniedale Records)
Intimacy (EP, Released May 2002)

Set List

Sets are 40-45 minutes, usually 6-7 songs, with lengths ranging from 3-8 minutes. DYNAMICS! Accompanied by unrivalled stage presence (at turns intense, intimate, hilarious) with synchronized video installations.

Sample tracklist:
It was warm and sunny when we first set out.
This is the night and what it does to you.
Fight song.
We are everywhere.
Practice Killer.
My father tries, like all fathers do.