Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip HopSoul

Bias' sound is a mixture of Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul. His lyrical capabilities on the microphone are used to tell vast stories and paint elaborate pictures.


Bias is a modern griot. He creates characters with his music: taking his story-oriented lyricism, straightforward delivery and versatile rhymes schemes to a progressive plateau.

Born (and currently rearing) in Atlanta by way of Tallahassee, Florida on March 22, 1987 in a single parent home, Bias (nee Tobias Lora Harris) has always had quite the clever imagination. Raised without a father, Bias found his calling with hip hop to take his ideas and hopes to a deeper place. It didn’t help either that his grandfather, a man Bias refers to as “his father figure,” would share his philosophies with his grandson. On the other hand, his uncles introduced him to 2 Pac, A Tribe Called Quest, and OutKast among others. It was only natural for Bias to emerge as an incredible orator and conceptual artist.

Throughout his teenage years up until attending high school in Tucker, GA, Bias knew he had a way with words. He began to freestyle as a drill – battle rapping with his friends and realizing his competitive spirit was slowly developing into his calling and his craft. The minor buzz was so overwhelming, local students at Morehouse College cited Bias’ skills were better than the artists on campus.

His musical influences has an incredible range of stories, imagination and sound: he references Lupe Fiasco’s visceral style, Nas’ grandiose lyrical ability, 2Pac’s straightforward emotions, The Gorillaz’s animated yet epic rhythms, OutKast’s nontraditional cadences and rhyme scheme and Evanescence’s cinematic sound as his inspiration. Bias is a prolific and creative spirit who paints pictures with rhythm and rhymes – an avid reader of comic books and anime and manipulating it into conceptual projects for the mind and the conscience.

Now with best friend, recording artist Glenn (Saddler), the two masterminds are taking their production outlet, FarOut Ventures, LLC (FOV), beyond the status quo. Originally a recording label that started in 2007, FOV has evolved into an independent company specializing in music, art and management – a move that Glenn and Bias both agree should encompass difference and the progressive nature of their sound.

Bias’ 2008 debut project, ATLanta Blues, allowed him to stake his claim in a musical culture known primarily for whiny synth riffs, thunderous chants, sparse trap star laments and bouncy 808s. ATLanta Blues, inspired loosely by the work of Grammy-winning OutKast member Andre 3000, was Bias’ critique on audiences and critics creating a homogenous theory on Southern hip hop acts and his attempts to escape the microcosm of this idea.

Bias just wrapped up amazing performance’s on the college campus circuit – including Princeton University and the University of West Georgia. Bias is currently in the studio wrapping up his sophomore effort, Sent By Messenger. The album’s debut single, “Stencil,” with its rugged beats and two-part harmonies, features Glenn and attacks the lack of individuality in culture and music. The single has generated an incredible presence on numerous blogs.


Sent By Messenger (unreleased)

Stencil (Radio Single) (2010)

Sketch Pad Vol. 1: Red Ink (2009)

Atlanta Blues (2009)

Set List

My typical set will be dependent upon the audience and venue. It will contain recent recordings and original songs:

This Place
Red Ink (Intro)
Heavy On Your Soul