BandHip Hop

energetic, hype, motivated, hard woking, grinding, real


I.M. The movement is a movement of local hip hop artist in Mpls,MN who are on there grind trying to do what they love which is music. I.M. The Movement began when three of the hottest local solo rap artist that are brothers came togther as a unit which is now " I.M. The Movement Ent.". The rooster of the lable consist of K-Lew (solo artist) , H.E.A.T. ( Righteous & Dutch rap group) and Hyphy ( the Hype man). Their influences are a varity of rappers such as tupac, Jay-z, Gucci mane, Young Jeezy..etc.. What sets I.M. The Movement apart from any other entertainment is the grind and engergy we put forth toward our dream which is music.


H.E.A.T. has a single out called "Get It On The Floor" K-Lew has a single called "Aw Naw"

Set List

5 set song which is 20-25 minutes long (H.E.A.T. DOES 3 SONGS K-LEW DOES 2 SONGS)