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Phunky and intricate riffs with a retro edge, phat rolling bass lines and precise funk/hiphop style beats, spear headed by 2 energetic MC’s mixing melodic spoken word with soulful flowing harmonies.


In2nation is a live originals 5 piece funk rock / hip-hop outfit based on the Sunshine Coast Qld.

Our music has been described as a mixed plate of ‘Beastie Boys’ and ‘Doobie brothers’ with a side serving of ‘Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ and a light garnishing of ‘The Doors’. This is acquired by mashing a fusion of modern musical styles such as funk / rock / hiphop and groove .

Punching out phunky and intricate riffs, deep bass lines and precise funk/hiphop style beats the band is spear headed by 2 energetic MC’s adding their own unique styles of vocal attack, mixing aussie style rap with soulful flowing melodies.

The high variety of quality tunes that in2nation deliver (now 1.5hrs of material) seems to attract listeners of all ages and types. This wide variety enables the band to play at many different types of events and shows ensuring the bands appeal reaches a vast demographic of Australian society.

Recently winning Sunshine Coasts music award as ‘Best Hip-Hop Act’ the band is no stranger to the live scene. Jamming and gigging solidly for the last 2 years in2nation has performed many shows on the Sunshine Coast (Sol Bar-Coolum, Pig & Whistle) with appearances in Brisbane (The Rev), Byron Bay (Great Northern Hotel), Yamba (Pacific Hotel), Newcastle (CBD) & Sydney (The Bloc - Penrith).

As well as some great headline spots in2nation has also supported local and international touring artists such as: TZU (MELB), The Black Seeds (NZ), Cog (SYD), The Apostles (NY-USA), Winnie Coopers (GOLDCOAST), Good Buddha (SYD), Kid Confucius (SYD), mental as anything(rock gods)SS-Pecker and many more.

Having the ability to turn an empty room whiffing of stale beer into a happening dance-athon frenzy reminiscent of scenes from Footloose and Staying Alive in2nation always manages to keep the publican and their punters happy.

In2nation is made up of 5 members:
Ollie J (Guitar - Synth)
Quizmical (Bass)
Drum Addict (Drums)
Innate MC (Vocals)
MC Ambush (Vocals)

2007 and in2nation are now rocking stronger than ever. The bands EP ‘Listening is Addictive’ has already been re-pressed due to high demand and with more recording underway and some good shows and festivals already booked in over 2007 its looking like things are going to get hot for in2nation.

** Be sure to catch in2nation supporting "Mental As Anything" June 14 Nambour Showgrounds!**



Written By: Innate MC

I was in the wrong last right
I couldn’t tell the difference bathed myself in my own light
And my point of view shone so big and bright
I must have been confusing a conscious sight
You may have been watching but you looked right through me
I felt you feel there must have been way more to me
And weve been for awhile now such good pretends
And feelings in these dealings are but twists and bends

Bend with the situation so your mind be at peace
Be not the thorn of the rose but the strongest of the week
Preech what you practice to yourself but don’t bother me
Ill listen to you but who I really hear is me

Save all that an just kick right back
Cause I kinda lose my rhythm when im under an attack
I cant fight the jury to save my own life
Especially for foreseen little moans and gripes
And you cant see the future may I state that fact
You listen with your mouth and your ears talk back
Bring your eyes to ground level to the front of your head
And try to focus on the path that lay ahead my friend

Decision is the victim of the vision process
It requires the decision of the educated guess
Force the face of me till my very last breath
And with that all said lets turn the tables instead

Pave gold in the future for the path to be bright
Better wear your favourite sunnys cause its gonna get bright
Cant always tell the difference between their wrong and your right
Then listen to your mind when your shit gets tight
The beast of burden that beast should live alone
And youll find desperation is the worst of all cologne
If smells are apparent apparently so wash away the victim
And keep oppressors on a need to know basis

Cause each and every one of your faces
Leaves footsteps memories and traces
So everywhere you go give love unknown people
And the people you know will care


Written By: Innate MC & Ambush MC

Mother nature,the definition of magnificent invaded by people who think she’s insignificant
Sometimes im incoherent to showing some resistance
To lending some assistance to living co-existent
Not me couldn’t be I don’t have the ability
Confinements not for me and nor is captivity
Get over negativity,sustain with longevity,
Or with harmful activity you will lose your creativity
Whether your,a Jones or a Jefferson a smith or an Anderson a Peterson or Patterson im sure,from
Australia to the Amazon were gonna set examples
And be shining paragons

So like this with a kiss
A seal of support there’s people living hard lives
And their feeling distraught
It’s as if they got caught in this juggernaught
From space were one race said the astronaught

Some people need some rehabilitation, generations not happy with the deteriation, of civilization, heres the equilibration
What happened to the situation of co-habitation, so please with ease we can do this together, lengthen peoples ropes if
There on a short tether all got to stick together like
Birds of a feather, terrorisms got to stop, this crazy vendetta
Assasinations, they seem to happen all the time,
Determination, its all part of the grime,
Discrimination, still a recognized crime
Compensation handed down to someone down the line

So like this with a kiss
A seal of support there’s people living hard lives
And their feeling distraught
It’s as if they got caught in this juggernaught
From space were one race said the astronaught

These rhymes keep flowing down my brain
Like plastic bags go down the drain
Its insane please refrain from going this way
You see life in strife like every day
They pay in numbers those freaky sea creatures
Who’s features are deleted as they wash upon the
Beaches, so were praying to the teachers and leaders
And the speakers to inform these kids
That they don’t want to miss

like this with a kiss
A seal of support there’s people living hard lives
And their feeling distraught
It’s as if they got caught in this juggernaught
From space were one race said the astronaught


Listening is Addictive - 9 Track EP. 2005

Set List

We can customise our sound to suit the venue (to some degree!) - Fast energetic and hard hitting for all ages festivals, smooth jazz/funk for chill out. Currently 2 x45 minute sets of quality original tunes.