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In8 is a group that personifies southern comfort. Their laid-back style, sexy lyrics and creative rhymes give them the unique blend of hip-hop and r&b that sets them apart from other groups in the music industry. The groups' name is derived from its members' innate talent and their ability to transport you to a different place and time with their intoxicating music.
The Tallahassee, Florida natives began performing together in high school, where they constantly made themselves the center of attention by singing, dancing or just making people laugh. The group describes itself as the voice of the small city, representing the South like no others and putting the fun back into the music.
Always keeping it real, In8's members write about what they know, sharing their personal experiences with the world through soulful ballads and edgy hip-hop lyrics. In8 is known for doing its own thing, creating a new flavor of music rather than duplicating what is already hot.
Their hip-hop and r&b sound is a delicate blend of the old and new school with a twist of the laid-style that is characteristic of the south. Inspired by artists R. Kelly, Outkast, The O'Jays and Marvin Gaye, In8 wants to create music that can stand the test of time.
Ladell “Dell” Bryant is known as the pulse of In8, with his steady drive and in-your-face attitude. The group’s “ear to the street”, Dell is responsible for bringing the grimy thug appeal to In8’s music. “If our music can change your attitude, outlook or perspective on something that’s going on in your life then I know our music has a purpose,” said Dell, whose lyrics can, in one minute, have you bobbing your head and the next have you falling in love all over again.
Marco Waters, In8’s “voice of reason”, keeps the group down to earth by looking at both sides of the story before making any decisions. Although he describes himself as being shy, you would never know from his soulful voice and quick-witted rhymes.
Marco is constantly trying to reach people’s minds and provides the group with lyrics that make you think. “I want to change the view of how music is used,” he said. “Music is more than just beats, rhymes and lyrics. It’s how you feel.”
Omar Scruggs is the glue that holds In8 together. He is always working hard behind-the-scenes, and you can usually find him making new mixes and beats on his computer. Omar brings an international flavor to the group, adding his Latin spice to the music. His kind spirit and openness make him the heart of the group, which is reflected in his music. “Singing comes from my soul,” he says. “My soul is my life, therefore, when I sing my soul illuminates my life to the world.”
In8 is not about the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood, they are just like your boys from off the block. Whether they have one hit or they are in the industry for years, they are just about having fun and taking the whole world along to enjoy the ride.

-By Monica T. Ross