A deep and mental cinematic journey through electro-analogic landscapes...


Olivier Girard aka Inabeathead is an accomplished artist: graphist, illustrator, DJ, musician and scriptwriter. His live performances are linked up to a video show, which perfectly blends with his musical themes and his precise scratches.

He notably realized the logo for the French basket-ball NBA player Michael Pietrus.

He also compared an exclusive track for a Mc Donald's TV spot and made a remix from the Babamars' hit, "Move on". 2 tracks from his album were selected by Laurent Garnier's for his web radio show and DJ Barney's set permanent playlist.

Actually, the man is working on the achievement of "Epik Epok", a musical animated short film.


Inabeathead - Shellshocked (Warm Music / Discograph) - 2006 - LP