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"In affinity"

Move over Seattle! Grunge is dead! Has been for years. Didn't get the memo? Well let me fill you in! Vancouver's underground rock scene was quick to fill the void left by the collapse of Seattle's scene. Vancouver, Canada is now strongly favoured to be the epicentre of the next great rock revolution. A world class city that continues to host the best rock tours in the world, is now producing it's own class acts. Perhaps due to a powerful combination of liberal West Coast attitudes and a heavy stream of Class A drugs from Asia, “Vansterdam” has exploded into a supernova of musical creativity. There are streets, in the bohemian neighbourhood known as "East Van", where every house on the block has a basement recording studio. In one of these studios, a band called InAffinity has just put the final touches to their debut EP - "xxx".

InAffinity, contains four talented individuals who are stomping out tunes and destroying their live sets. Complex drum rhythms filled with groove, swing and deadly break beat transitions (Sean), are propped up by a low frequency assault of bass (Adam). This wall of sound is then torn apart by the lead guitar duo (Mitch and Gabe) intricate guitar playing and Jay's razor sharp vocals. Whether they are hammering out a mosh pit inducing tracks like "Falling Structure" and "Love in War" or serenading our souls with tracks like "Lucid Eyes", this band is quick to showcase it's diverse styles.

InAffinity is a young band with a lots of talent. InAffinity is looking to lead a new emerging West Coast rock scene and is hungry for fans.

check them out on the web at and remember where you heard it first! (nov 2007) -


You can out our EP at



Inafffinity produces their own music and for a limited budget they have been told by producers/promoters from all over the city that have "something very special" "great songwriting potential" and "one of the best indie shows in the city" and "huge draw".

With their aspiring engineer/singer/songwriter and the multifaceted musician/songwriters in the band, these guys are very ambitious.

InAffinity is a developing collective of musicians who place no limits on their creativity. They seeks the wall of sound that encompasses us all when we hear a great song that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, among other things.

1 part emotion+ 1 part style/class+ 1 part groove + 1 part driven= InAffinity

They've had their struggles in life, but they're not making excuses. No regrets, only lessons.

Any Inner fighting, egos, age difference, creative difference will never deter form the fact that these guys want to make pure music. From Rock to Metal, to Hip hop to Electronic, music rules are meant to be broken and these guys are planning to do it.

Set to release their first full studio album at the end of '08 and a big tour for the summer, it's just a matter of time before the world gets a full taste of these guys.

The best part is that they have a big surprise up their sleeve that will be sure to make headlines once unveiled.

Stay tuned for more.

-Team Inaffinity