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Brantford, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Brantford, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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Live ‘N Loud’s Katie Colwell recently caught up with Brantford’s INAMBUSH, during the town’s annual Hockeyfest! Check out what band members Jeff Copoc (Guitar/Vocals), Alex Dickens (Guitar), Leigh Redfearn (Bass) and Pat Burns (Drums) had to say about their songs, live performances, their new album and video!

LNL: Is there anything that has happened in your life that carries a lot of meaning in your music?Jeff: Yeah for sure, basically a lot of relationships I guess are what the songs are about just personal experiences like that.

LNL: Being in an independent band can sometimes come with compromises. What personal sacrifices have you made?Alex: We wanted an orchestra for this show

Leigh: No, no, no!

Pat: I sacrificed probably 4 jobs so far. Trying to hold down a job and be in a band when you
require hours and hours of work.

Jeff: Hygiene

Pat: Yes! We sacrifice lots and lots of hygiene!

Jeff: We go through lots of deodorants!

LNL: Playing festivals such as Hockeyfest, what do you hope to achieve?Leigh: We hope to build our fan base I think, a lot of people here will be open to what we have to offer,

Pat: We try to expose ourselves to as many people as we can really.

Leigh: Get the word out there… Jeff?

Jeff: Yup…!

LNL: Fans and artists are different when it comes to the show experience. It may be the greatest show to the crowd but for you it can feel like you’re not performing at your best. How do you guys motivate yourselves to give fans a true and unforgettable live experience and to help grow your fan base?Jeff: We go on stage and give it all we got you know, we don’t hold back… don’t leave anything behind just put it all!

Pat: I like getting really stoked before shows too, doing whatever we can… drinking Red Bull!

LNL: Without being under the thumb of a label, what’s it like to be an artist in today’s music business?

Jeff: The pros and cons for being in an independent band end up weighing each other out right, I don’t think that we necessarily have it bad. We have to work for ourselves but we also have a lot of pros for being independent as well.

Pat: It would be nice to have a van though, and a trailer…

LNL: You just filmed a music video for “Live it down”. What was that experience like for you guys as well as recording your new album?Pat: Recording the album is taking a long time but we’re pumped to get it out there and have it done. Ryan from Street Pharmacy is producing the record.

Leigh: The video, we had a good time shooting it, spent the day in Toronto. We had a complaint after the first take and we had to get quieter and quieter for each take!

Pat: I was pretending to play the drums you know, that’s my new career, acting.

LNL: When and where will the “Live It Down” Album/Video be available?Alex: The video for Live It Down came out last week, but the album we are shooting for July.

Jeff: CD release in Brantford probably. Jackhammers probably.

LNL: Take me through the process of recording the new record.Pat: Uhm sitting around, lots of cigarettes and McDonald’s (laughs). No we start off by going into pre-production and lay down all the songs, we record live off the floor, then I went in and did my drums.

Leigh: I did my bass at the same time, after that we track guitars and we’re just finishing up with the vocals now.

Alex: I think the guitars took a long time…

Pat: Yeah they did!

Leigh: It sounds huge! We added a bunch of different stuff in there.

LNL: Describe how you came to realize that making music was your “calling”?Alex: For me, I started playing guitar since I was 15, I love it… can’t put it down. I’m at home watching TV and I’m playing guitar! I’m on the computer I’m playing guitar!

Leigh: My BlackBerry has become a great recording device for riffs.

Jeff: It has been #1 since day one: you quit jobs, you quit everything you do for the band and that’s when you know it’s in your heart, and you’re meant to do it you know.

Pat: Yeah, I don’t know! Yeah, that makes sense!

LNL: When did you know that words would be your greatest ally and outlet through the darkest of times?Leigh: Basically like I said, our songs are about relationships and just personal experiences so… We’ve been through a lot of shit…

Jeff: It’s a good way to let things out and let people know what I’ve been through.

Pat: I think everybody relates to it though, everybody goes through bad times and shitty times and we’ve had our fair share.

Leigh: More than our fair share.

LNL: Your songs are so emotionally charged and interwoven with the personal. Are there any songs that you no longer enjoy performing because of the personal connect or disconnect, whatever the case may be?

Jeff: I like playing all of them, they all mean something rather it’s good or bad. If it’s bad, I remember the bad stuff and it makes you pumped!

LNL: What exciting new shows do you guys have coming up?!
Jeff: Sarnia Bayfest. Opening for KISS.
June 11th with illScarlett
June 18th, Sarnia’a Ribfest with Helix

Pat: Oh totally we are so opening for Black Eye Peas! We’re gunna hip hop it up!

Jeff: And Pat’s going to lipsync! (laughs) - livenloud/Katie Colwell

"Local bands get wet and wild for hockey fest"

The event that Brantford had been eagerly anticipating took off with an impressive start as local bands hit the stage on Friday, June 4th. Although the weather was against them, the audience seemed oblivious as they rocked to some of the area’s biggest and best talent including In Ambush, Dry County, and The Joys who are certified gold in Canada. For In Ambush, this was an opportunity to showcase their music as Barry Pett (guitar) said, “It was awesome, this is the biggest stage we’ve been on so it was really exciting to get out there and play.” Although In Ambush and The Joys were able to finish their entire set, other bands weren’t so lucky. As the night wore on, the weather worsened. Severe lightning and heavy rain forced the last band of the night, Dry County, to stop their performance to the dismay of the crowd. - Lindsay Grummet

"Breakout band Challenge"

INAMBUSH sounded much like 3DG, they clearly know how to write super catchy songs while pumping the crowd into a frenzy not just with their big sound but also taking audience interaction to a new level. Clearly they have honed their fan base. "
- Rob Rapiti


I ran a show at Absinthe in Hamilton, and had the pleasure of working with local musicians, Inambush. They guys are phenomenal musicians, with creative riffs and dynamic stage presence. As the guys took the stage, the room had about 30 people gathered to watch their set. We had about a dozen or so patrons outside and maybe 20 downstairs. Once Inambush began to play, people put out their cigarettes and came up from the DJ. As their set progressed, people were literally walking into the bar off the street out front to check it out. By the end of their 30 minute set, Inambush was playing to a crowd just shy of 150 people.I have done countless shows at Absinthe, and over the past 2 years, and I can honestly say I have never seen a band draw in that size of a crowd. I have worked with hundreds of up and coming bands over the past few years, but Inambush stand apart from the crowd. The band is talented, original and wonderful to work with. "
- Ginger Martini


Album: "Seeds Of Paranoia" April 2008

Album: Against "The Evening Sky" August 2011



INAMBUSH is a hard rock band based out of Brantford, Ontario armed with a rocking, high energy, headbanging live show followed by an enormous wall of sound. Their name comes from the battle to keep their music alive when everyone was doubting them, saying how it's nearly impossible to make it in the industry. Feeling like they were being ambushed from all angles they needed a release for the creativeness. INAMBUSH was formed and they have battled through, marching on, leaving the naysayers in the dust.

INAMBUSH is comprised of Jeff Copoc leading the assault vocally and on guitar, Alex Dickens shredding the lead guitar, Leigh Redfearn blowing up the bass and Nolan Orth destroying the drums. These four guys share an energy and dedication for music. The band is always writing or playing shows because that is what they do.

The music consists of heavy guitars and melodic vocals with driving drum beats, full of hooks and captivating tones that leave you wanting more. Allowing you to get out your aggression out on one track and on the other relate to the perils of bad relationships. The core of the band have been friends since high school and recently added Alex Dickens who brought the final piece of the madness that is INAMBUSH.

Over the last two years they have been hauling their gear across Ontario, paying their dues and gaining a loyal fan base in the process. The energy they exhibit on stage transfers to the crowd proving they know how to entertain an audience and has resulted in the building of what is known now as "THE INAMBUSH INFANTRY".

INAMBUSH has played some of the largest festivals Ontario had to offer this summer opening for KISS at Rogers Sarnia Bayfest, Supporting Three Days Grace, Finger 11 and The Trews at Brantfords Hockeyfest, Canadian Music Week and many more.

Check this band out live if your have the chance!