Sounds like a sweet ocean breeze carrying you away with a hypnotic swing, rocking gently, & as you begin drifting off, delivers the SLEDGEHAMMER PUNCH of a giant tsunami that knocks you off your hammock & tosses you out into the surf, waves crashing at your head and leaving you begging for more.....


Born from the ashes of bands whose musical lives were prematurely extinguished, INAMORATO has lit a new flame and is building a fire in the hearts of their collective and diverse fans. INAMORATO means the love of a man, and not only expresses the bond they share for the music but is a reflection of the love from people who appreciate and understand it.

INAMORATO's interest is to transcend boundaries and gain fans who ordinarily might not venture outside their musical comfort zone. Complex song structures, emotional lyrics and off-center rhythms combine with progressive, experimental guitar riffs and melodic elements for an infectious sound.

Tora- Lead Vocals
Inspired early on by R&B and later by Screamo, Tora’s melismatic vocals range from a sensual whisper to a demonic scream. Capable of a 5 octave range including the whistle register, she does not compromise expression for the sake of an impressive voice. An American Idol 5 contestant plus ten years of vocal training and prior gigs with Heartfelt Confessions and Tucson Boulevard, have earned Tora a reputation for being a vocal powerhouse in a tiny package.

Andrew Sorensen- Guitar
A self taught guitarist playing for over ten years, Andrew’s style is influenced by 80s and 90s rock bands including Fogazi, Tears for Fears and Sigur Rios. He has several years experience touring and gigging with Iowa groups Cassandra and Compendium of Pendulums. Andrew contributes complex rhythms and leads while experimenting with special effects and chord progressions that are outside the norm.

Trevor Tanzillo- Drums/Scratch Vocals
A self taught drummer, Trevor has been playing drums for nine years. Coming from a musical family, he has become a versatile drummer, comfortable playing most styles of music. A feel for the groove allows Trevor to compose unique and stylistic drum parts by using intricate and tight fills. He was influenced early on by Jimi Hendrix’s drummer, Buddy Miles. Trevor’s gig experience includes stints with Graves End and Mandala.

Julian Rodriguez-Bass
The newest member of the group, Julian came in and had less than 3 weeks to learn the set before his first show. Self-taught on the bass, Julian's influences are Tool, Marilyn Manson, and Aerosmith. Coming from a musical family, his dad played guitar, and his uncle played bass. Julian likes the music to rock, whether that be in rhythm, or in the atmosphere of the song.



Written By: Tora

This is where we actually begin
Breathless when I lay my eyes on your sweet skin
Tossing and turning every night just waiting
To awaken with you right by my side

So out of reach
You’re the brightest star in my sky
Listen to me speak
If I even can
Because you render me speechless
Never to be the sinking ship of the clouded ocean

My hell bent heart let your kiss linger
For I still have not felt your soft cold fingertips
Shall you run them along my curves
Straight down my spine
Touch my wounds and watch them heal
I will show you the one thing that’s real



Released March 13, 2007
JukeBox Records
Available on
Available for download on snocap

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"Trespass and Get Away" can be heard on KXCI 93.1 in Tucson

Set List

We don't do covers currently. Most of our shows are multi-band shows with assigned sets from 30-45 minutes.

Our typical set goes something like this:
Tell it Like It Is
Constantly Augmenting
Part 2
No Longer Your Song
Dependance on Calibration of Time