Inanna, Sisters In Rhythm

Inanna, Sisters In Rhythm

 Portland, Maine, USA

This group of outstanding women percussionists has played music together since 1989. Inanna blends percussion and warm vocals into beautiful arrangements of traditional Africa, Brazillian, and Middle Eastern Rhythms. Their performances and workshops are mesmerizing and transforming.


Inanna, Sisters in Rhythm, is a percussion and vocal ensemble that explores the heritage and rhythms of West Africa, through original arrangements and compositions invoking ancient traditions of the drum. Inanna was originally created by the participants of a drum class in Alna, Maine twenty five ago. Since that time, Inanna has recorded and released six, full-length albums and has performed at numerous percussion festivals and community events. Inanna is deeply dedicated to the education and cultivation of peace and sharing among cultures through the power of music.

As a group, Inanna members have studied percussion with Karamo Sabally of Gambia, West Africa; John McDowell of the Afro-jazz fusion group “Mamma Tongue”; Yaya Diallo, master drummer from Mali and the author of The Healing Drum; Layne Redmond , author of When the Drummers Were Women; and Famoudou Konaté, one of the world’s best known and recognized djembe players.

Inanna takes their name from an ancient Sumerian goddess, who held reign more than 4,000 years ago during a period when it is believed that drummers and dancers were predominantly women. The ensemble chose the name of this ancient goddess to express their ties with earlier traditions.


Currently we have five albums for sale through itunes, and CD Baby entitled "Listen", "Skin and Bone" and "Beyond Tradition" "Live, Summer Solstice Celebration 2007" and our current CD "Jewel in the Heart."

From our Website you may purchase "Skin and Bone," "Beyond Tradition", "Inanna, Live, Summer Solstice Celebration 2007and "Jewel in the Heart." " Address listed below.

Set List

Traditional African, Brazillian and Middle Eastern music as well as original music.