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The best kept secret in music


"Zero Music Magazine (Swedish to English Translation)"

In-A-Sense is ZERO´s first demo tape from the US. The sound on this demo is very American. The American synthpop has grown the latest years and also has a characteristic sound. This is something that In-A-Sense also has taken in. It is semi wimpy and easy-to-warble in just the right kind of way, with obvious influences from the 80's. The strongest tune on this three track demo is ”Passion in your Eyes”. A song with a chorus that sticks and a strong melody. The way I see it, this band could very possibly be one of the bands the american synth company A Different Drum signs in the future. The music is unfortunately not yet available for downloading, but this demo can be ordered through:<br><br><br>

01/04 - Stefan Albinsson 01/04


A couple of months ago I received from John Sepulveda (do you remember the interview we did years ago about his main project, Matrix, before they released their Out Of Line CDs?) a three tracks demo he composed along with his friend Steve Ferraro. This time John takes care of synths and stuff, while Steve sings and write the tracks. I'm sorry this demo has been buried under the pile of stuff I've got to review, because the sound of In A Sense (this is their name) is already mature and ready to jump on some label's wagon. "Passion In Your Eyes", "Beautiful Girl" and "Will You Be There Sometimes" are definitively three potential radio hits. This is finest electro synthpop and the band's personality is well shown and recalls also '80s big names of the electro scene (there's no need to name them, ins't it?) without cloning them. I wish I could receive this sort of stuff at least once a month, just to feel again that urge that pushed me into the adventure called CHAIN D.L.K. - Maurizio Pustianaz 02/01/04

"Grave Concerns Magazine"

Self Release

A new breed of modern synth-pop band is born and they are called IN-A-SENSE that features Steve Ferraro on vocals and songwriting and John Sepulveda (member of the electro act MATRIX) who handles all the synths and programming. They have the 80's sound element which reminds me of numerous of bands from that time. I wish alot of NEW synth-pop acts take some notes from these guys because not only they have an 80's sound, but also being original. I can be very judgemental sometimes when it comes to listening to synth acts cd(s) for review. And one good reason is too many wants to be or sound like Depeche Mode. I definitely find myself sometimes saying "Another Depeche Mode wannabe." When are these new comers going to learn that the world needs ONLY ONE DEPECHE MODE, NOT DOZENS, THOUSANDS OR MILLIONS. As for I'm concern, electro In-A-Sense has really moved me. Even my friend and vocalist, Carolyn Reid (DONOVAN 2525) likes them and said they sound real good so quick after hearing a couple of seconds of the first opening track "Passion In Your Eyes" before it got to a half minute of the song. Like I've said before, a good intro in a song can grab a person's ear quick! Two other tracks includes "Beautiful Girl", and "Will You Be There Sometimes" have catchy melodies that will make you pop your fingers and dance. The lyrics even have a powerful meaning behind it. The brilliant duo is releasing a full-length cd, which I cannot wait to hear. In my book, they get two thumbs up for being CREATIVE and ORIGINAL.

Review by Donovan - Donovan Tate 02/19/04


In-A-Sense - Demo

Passion In Your Eyes
Beautiful Girl
Will You Be There Sometimes

This is the three track demo cd from In-A-Sense, a new unsigned band on the synthpop scene. Unlike some demo's that have crossed my desk, this three track collection is actually quite polished production-wise, with reasonably sharp sound quality and a welcome lack of murkiness in the vocals.

The lead-off track, "Passion In Your Eyes", is a pretty solid synthpop tune, with a good hook. It might could use a little more variety with the percussion, but it's a song worth holding onto for the band. "Beautiful Girl" tells the tale of a abused girl, and handles the rather delicate subject fairly well. Another really promising track. The final track, "Will You Be There Sometimes", the dancefloor stomper of the set, comes off a little stilted at times in the chorus, but otherwise is another very promising track.

In short, In-A-Sense have put together an impressive (but short) demo here. It's a nice little taster, and I find myself looking forward to hearing more from them. There's still some room for improvement, but the band is well ahead of some of the other's I've heard in demo stage lately. Check them out!

Added: Monday, February 23, 2004
Reviewer: Jason Baker
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Language: eng - Jason Baker


In A Sense

In a sense is a synthpop duo consisting of Steve Ferraro o­n vocals and songwriting and John Septulveda o­n synths and vocoder. Their music can be described as Synthpop with an edge.
The criteria I use in my reviews are as follows:
(Scores are 1-5. 5 being the highest)
1. Songwriting
2. Dynamics
3. Ear Candy
4. Artist image or message
5. Musical chops

I really enjoy the songwriting o­n this C.D. Things are well stated and the delivery enjoyable..................5

I feel these songs could be more dynamic (both in frequency and in volume) A lot more exitement could have been generated that way. Nevertheless the dynamics are solid.............3

The production o­n this C.D. is very solid. A lot of creativity here. I think some "over the top" ear candy could turn this into a very memorably recording................4...........

These artists have a great message in their music. I think it speaks to everyone. The package is very consistant..............5

Obviously there is a lot of musical chops and ability in this act. Both o­n the part of the vocalist and the synth player. Exellent work.........5

Added: Monday, December 01, 2003
Reviewer: Jeff Gee
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Our full lenght CD "Seclusion" will be out in August. It will feature 15 orginal tracks by IN-A-SENSE and 4 bonus tracks remixed by Wave In The Head,Gaser, and Chinese Theatre.

Dark Horizon's " Night's Lament" Featuring IN-A-SENSE Single "Passion In Your Eyes".

Electro Culture Sampler Volume One: Featuring IN-A-SENSE single " Passion In Your Eyes"

New Wave Radio Compilation "New Wave/Synth Cd
#3" will feature "Will You Be There Sometimes?"

IN January if 2005: Greenhorn Records "Shoehorn demo" will feauture "Beautiful Girl"

A Different Drum's "State of Synthpop 2005" featuring the IN-A-SENSE single " Will You Be There Sometimes."


Feeling a bit camera shy


Our influences range from modern Electro-pop/EBM
to modern alternative. What sets us apart from
other bands is that we concentrate on songwriting as
opposed to trendy new sounds.