New York City, New York, USA

InAshton a NYC based rock band with instant sing-along appeal. Loud, Catchy, Emotional & Relatable.


‘InAshton’ is a melody driven rock band that builds their songs on a foundation of memorable hooks and relatable words.

Comprised of lead singer ”Morgan Clamp”, guitarist “Tony Calabro”, Bassist “Mr. Williams” and drummer “Deal”; InAshton creates uplifting songs about the struggles of connection and the will to prevail, making their music relatable to any listener in search of energetic & emotional rock music that reflects their own life experiences.

“I just write catchy songs about my life and in doing so I’m totally comfortable knowing that my life is only as complex as the next persons.” says Clamp. “Whether good or bad, certain or confused, confident or insecure, it‘s always easier to be honest about yourself when the truth is wrapped up in a catchy melody!"

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InAshton: RED

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1. It's Ok... It's Ok
2. Can't Stop Me Now
3. Forget Your Head
4. Better Than You Know Yourself
5. Waitin'
6. I Just Can't Let Go
7. The Difference Between Everyone & You
8. Convenient Memories

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9. This Might Be It
10. (Remember) It's Ok... It's Ok

Set List

A 40-60 minute high energy set of songs from our debut album (with a couple extra surprises!)