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"The Legend Speaks"

Six young men came up from the audience and identified themselves as In-A-Way. They proceeded to sing the "Star Spangled Banner" A'Cappella! The first eight measures were sung in perfect unison and the second eight in octaves. The next section "...and the rockes red glare, the bombs bursting in air...? was done in six part harmony! Not only was the blend tight, but the phrasing impeccable. Boyz II Men would have been envious.
In-A-Way charmed the audience with their infectious showmanship. They loved what they were doing and so did everyone else. From Doo wop to Jazz, In-A-Way excelled in every style they performed.
They followed with three more selections that featured arrangements reminiscent of Manhattan Transfer, utilizing close harmonies punctuated with percussive riffs all served up over the most amazing bass voice I've ever heard. Their voices were instruments blended tightly, or engaged in a "call and response" pattern so typical of classic vocal groups of the 50's, and early 60's. Their Gospel roots came shining through. - Jerry Pashin


"Over and over" - 2004 Release
"Friend 18:24" - 2006 Release



It’s a rarity in today’s music to find artists who exemplify musical excellence in so many categories. A band of musicians and artists who are willing to go that extra mile and stand for Truth. Gospel A’Cappella Contemporary Christian Jazz group In-A-Way is that artist and “FRIEND 18:24” is that Truth.

What’s impressive about In-A-Way is that they are 6 young, saved men dedicated to creating and singing music to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In-A-Way is a full-time music ministry from Newark, NJ and on June 26, 2006 they released their much anticipated sophomore CD “Friend 18:24”, the follow up to their successful independent debut release “Over & Over” which featured the a’cappella hits “Jesus Loves Me” and “Amazing Grace”.

Because In-A-Way is a gospel contemporary a’cappella recording group it’s hard not to compare them to the likes of platinum selling recording group Take 6. However, no two talents, no matter how similar, are a like and “Friend 18:24” is an expression of
In-A-Way’s uniqueness and creativity. “This CD is full of surprises with unexpected twist and turns, that can only be defined as ear candy for the soul” raves In-A-Way.

You will be floored by the consistency of great original songs on “Friend 18:24”. Classic gems like the doo wop inspired “Unfailing Love”, the pop infused “Sun Will Shine Again” and the jazzy “Trust In You” is destined to be favorites among listeners. It’s certain that you will find your fingers pressing repeat on your IPOD and CD players when listening to the radio-hit “Friend 18:24”, the up-tempo treat “Happy”, the worship centered “Holy Is The Lord” featuring Rebecca McDowell, and the breathtaking ballad ‘In a way”, the crossover anthem for both gospel and contemporary Christian radio formats.

In support of this anointed project, In-A-Way will embark on their 3rd phase of their “Faith” tour. In March 2007 In-A-Way will begin “Faith Fulfilled Tour”, the follow up to their successful 2006 “Faith Destiny Tour” and their 2005 “Faith Journey Tour”. “Faith Fulfilled Tour’s purpose is to let our youth and adults know of the great plans GOD has in store for their life”, expressed leader and founder of IN-A-WAY Aaron Pope. Our vision is to show this generation that they have alternatives to what the world is offering them.”

FEE RANGE: $1,000.00
Church Services: $500.00
Depending on travel, lodging and scheduling.