In Bad Taste

In Bad Taste

 Hay River, Northwest Territories, CAN

Well, were a fairly balanced trio of nihilists. But, we'd like to celebrate in the key of moderation by tremolo picking, blast beating, and bass slapping our way into an anti-rhythmic pocket of reggae tinged doom, If y'all don't mind. We also love playing live, especially in hostile environments.


The three of us all have a shared love of jamming in the northern tundra, and it just so happened that that is how the band was initially formed, at a friends drugs n alcohol/jam party, out in the tundra.

We enjoy a diverse variety of different kinds of music, so when jamming/composing we find our creative/mad juices in mixing and matching characteristic elements of certain genres. For example, naturally we like mixing black metal tremoloing against upbeat dub riddims.
We are not afraid of polyrhythms, odd-timings, soulful choirs, quasi-rap, the banjo, or unusual tone colors for that matter! Rather, we have found these decadent exploits to be organic and quite danceable, especially for children and the elderly.

As individuals within a collective, our main musical influences are as follows:
Kyuss, QOTSA, RUSH, The Police, The Clash, Bad Brains, Iron Maiden, Cryptopsy, Pantera, Mastodon, Baroness, Zappa, Miles Davis, Melvins, Down, GypsyKings, Sexy Sax Man, Neurosis, The Black Keys, Euro-trash, Johnny Cash etc. etc. etc.

nature, rawness, grim and frostbitten-ness, mysterious happenings, energy, tube-technology, alchemy, tremolo-picking, funky-fresh beats, hula-hoops, odd-timed rhythms, sugar-coated deep-fried greasey goodness, matt's Xtra Hot Frank's and things far too intergalactic to explain with our pathetic human runes....


We have an album that we wrote, recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered entirely by ourselves the previous summer, which has received airplay on the local 107.3 ckhr radio station, and we also have songs from the album streaming through youtube, myspace, facebook, soundcloud etc.