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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Press Reviews Turned Obsolete!"

This just in! Life changing information!

Music reviews around the world, more specifically those written by over-compensated, self-righteous douchebags, have been declared obsolete! Their purpose has been vanquised!

What does this mean?

It means musicians can sleep at night! Songwriters no longer have to experience the insomnia that stems from the premature and uninformed judgment these wastes of flesh put forth. Their self-proclaimed expertise has finally run thin! Bands everywhere are celebrating by finally writing music for content rather than product! The rock music scene has emerged as the largest, most experimental form. Thousands of broke but INSPIRED musicians are writing songs about the end of the world and the creation of man, 2 topics very much shit on by every "professional" music critic as being "unmarketable" and "unappealing to most".

This advancement is finally making clear the purpose of music! Labels have been destroyed! All artists now recieve 90% of the revenue their CD's create, free to choose their distribution, touring, and merchandise details all on their own (the other 10% goes to the record's producer, if the artist isn't recording their own cd, which would give the band 100% of their revenue earned. Listeners everywhere are astounded by the honesty emerging from today's music scene due to the REMOVAL OF MONEY FROM MUSIC.

So, along with that G3 iMac you've got sitting in your closet, toss out all music reviews! Throw away the Rolling Stone! Toss Revolver! Burn all publications! Instead, grab a pair of headphones and head to your nearest internet browser...



Inblue released their debut disc, "Eleven Nineteen" on April 21, 2006. The disc features 13 tracks. Disc can be heard and purchased at



Inblue has grounded themselves in the deep human emotions of today’s world enough to secure their place among their peers. Born out of a desert nowhere close to Hollywood, these 4 individuals push as hard as possible against each other to dignify the individuality of the members themselves but also to mesh together and create a fusion of energy and style. The band’s relationships with each other seem to hold a higher esteem to the members than any other aspect of the music. Look for our band live anywhere you can, and be sure to pick up our debut disc “Eleven Nineteen”, a personal take on relationships and their possibilities.