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| Established. Jan 01, 2002 | MAJOR

Established on Jan, 2002
Band Rock Electronic




"Press Bits"


« Not since the Mars Volta has any band combined rock’n’roll and psychedelism in such a dynamic way. »

« They incorporate these nowadays once again fashionable elements into an otherwise strongly guitar dominated sound, add some psychedelic textures and bizarre effects, restrict it to concise structures, to come up with fresh sounding songs that have all it takes to make their mark on the twenty-first century map of rock music. »


« Musically it is both genius and madness, the sound far from being conventional and always so cool that you have to get used to it. »


The sweet-sour layers of sound seduce the listener into a melancholy dream to the most outstanding effect, while ‘Disco Technotopia’ with is distorted arpeggios projects the singer on top of suffocating hills, creating a climate of malaise and frustration with a lot of conviction.


« Somewhere between Justice and a 17th century composer. »

FRED BAUS (booker of the d:qliq bar )

« Great live band. The songs are very catchy and they keep the energy-level to the max during the whole show. I'm pretty sure they will seriously kick ass on big stages in a near future. »

ROSS ROBINSON (producer of bands like Korn, At the Drive-In, The Cure, Klaxons)

« I think that this record will lead a lot of bands to rethink music. It satisfies a craving, a melancholy kind of vibe with a sense of violence and excitement. It feels like going into new universe sort of thing. I always get excited when I discover something… and it definitely feels new. »
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'En Vogue' EP (2010)
'Trash is the New Glam' Single (2010)
'Paris' 7'' (2011)
'Persona' LP (2012)



Booking: Europe
Agent: Julian Loewe
julian.loewe (at)

Promotion: Germany
Agent: Patrick Daniel
patrick.daniel (at)

Distribution: Germany & Austria
Agent: Thorsten Rund
thorsten.rund (at)

Distribution: Swiss
Agent: Jonathan Winkler
jonathan (at)

Falling through the ceiling of a glossy hotel room in Paris after a night of relentless hedonism, the singer realises the iconic nature of everything that surrounds us. Unable to move, under the shocked gaze of the receptionist, he has the intuition of a sound heavily influenced by minimal techno and the orchestral pop sounds of the late sixties. Like a haunted car chase through a processed plexiglas architecture, there is a sensation of danger to this music that feels increasingly agitated, baroque and futuristic.

Directed by enigmatic frontman Chateau, INBORN! deliver the haunted soundtrack to our accelerated culture embracing post-pop digitalia to the most outstanding effect. Based in Luxembourg, a tedious Bermuda triangle offering the obvious advantages of cross-cultural exchange yet devoid of any significant market structures, INBORN! has been flirting with various layers of sound and time signatures ever since its creation in early 2010. Contacted by Ross Robinson (At the Drive-In, The Cure, Klaxons) upon the release of a first EP, they entered his studio in Venice Beach last October to work on their first official long-player.

The collective developed its unique sound through intense live performances, sharing the stage with artists like Battles, Forward Russia!, Tokyo Police Club, Justice, The Rapture and Baths among others. Their latest offering ‘Persona’ has finally seen the light of day with a Snowhite release in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and will be distributed by Universal and Irascible this spring. Having aroused the interest of several promoters around Europe they are playing places like Primavera Sound Festival (ES), Wavves Vienna (AU), Reeperbahn Festival (DE), Food for your Senses (LU) this year.