Inbound Kennedy

Inbound Kennedy


Great well written original rock that anyone from all age groups or cliches can enjoy.


Inbound Kennedy is a group that formed close to a year ago. It began when Frank Bongiorno and Patrick Lucas wanted to pick up where their original band left off. Frank, a great guitarist and vocalist, and Patrick, another talented guitarist, have great creative insight at song making but needed a new band to make the ideas into reality. With the finding of Bobby Byrne on drums, they gained a skill level that they had not had before. Bobby's creativity and unmatched abilities made him the perfect man for the part. Next, with the aquisition of David Estey, they gained the musical brilliance he had to offer. Not only is David an incredible bass player, he is also a master at guitar. His knowledge of music and theory makes him the lynchpin to the band. As a band, Inbound Kennedy is hard at work mastering their songs and waiting to begin playing live shows. It is only a matter of time before faces start to melt!


We are a new upcoming band from Chicago, Illinois. We have only had one show in December of 2009. The show was a great success with easily over 150 people that attended and gave great reviews, we are looking to continue playing shows and recording songs to expand our music to everyone we can.

Set List

Our current set list is around 14 songs long, mainly consisting of our own music with a handful of covers. We are rapidly increasing our set list size with new originals and popular covers.