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Incapacitate rose from the ashes of several Chicago-based Filipino bands who are by now disbanded. A strong passion for extreme music, the four members have been a part of the Filipino underground culture before migrating to the United States. Playing in local bands like Bad Omen, Anal Scream, Aklas, Destruction Of Trust, Sanctum, among others. And actively participating in the scene through various means (writing zines, organizing gigs, etc.), their penchant for underground music carried on when finally they've reached the City Of Chicago. It is when they have engaged as members of now defunct underground acts like Sounds Of Silence, Wax-On Seven, Shortstop, Wounded, etc. Running record labels and distributions Mandarangan Recordings and Middle Finger Productions-US and still being an active participant of both the local underground scene here and abroad. From these bands and the experience under their belt, the band was formed in the dead of winter 2002. After a lengthy malt-liquor drinking session of course (King Cobra… anyone?).

Music-wise, the band is a maelstrom of various styles. Drawing their craft from Thrash, Grindcore, Crust, Hardcore, and at times Black Metal influences, Incapacitate has developed a sound they can claim their own. Personal faves, the members can list a very diverse collection of artists that don't quite mix well with each other. Slayer, Death Angel, D.R.I., Morbid Angel, Urban Bandits, Mayhem, Bethlehem, Agnostic Front, The Wuds, Madball, Suicidal Tendencies, Earth Crisis, The Jerks, Skinny Puppy, Hatebreed, Merzbow, and Dead Can Dance. Yes you read that right, even Dead Can Dance.

Combining their various technical expertise, the band has managed to produce a decent five song cdr demo right at the vocalist's basement. As a testament to their undying do-it-yourself ethos, the demo was conceived as a statement to the scene that yes we can do our own thing without any help from the establishment and still sound the same, if not better. Aptly titled "Regain The Territory" the demo was a battle cry chock-full of intense lyrical onslaught and raw extreme music. The music within has garnered very positive reviews and praise. During shows, the demos would get sold-out as soon as they spend some time on stage. At the moment the band is busy recording a proper full length cd which will bear the title “This Is My War”. Watch out for that one!