Inca Son

Inca Son

 Slocum, Rhode Island, USA

The splendor of Andean folklore comes alive in this acclaimed group, "unique bearer of an indispensable South American tradition, with music of the highest caliber" (Keith Lockhart, Conductor, Boston Pops)


Inca Son's music comes straight from the group's Peruvian Andean homeland. The musical legacy of the Andes is centuries-old, and passed down from one generation to the next. Inca Son (meaning "Sound of the Inca") is one of the few groups keeping this uniquely beautiful sound going. In the words of Keith Lockhart, Conductor of the Boston Pops, with whom Inca Son played in Symphony Hall: "They have become indispensable cultural ambassadors of a nearly lost South American tradition."

Inca Son's music is distinguished by the pervasive sound of the "Sikus" or panpipes. This instrument, in the hands of the band's brilliant pan flautists, ranges from lively and happy to plaintive and haunting, assuming at times the sound of the wind, at other times the sound of a bird in flight.

Inca Son is a treat for ears and eyes. Dressed in the beautiful costumes of the Andes, the band carries its listener off to their mountain homeland with every song or story they tell. The Inca Son dancers are Folk Dance Champions in their native Peru. Their repertory consists of a true "Peruvian Odyssey," showcasing the colorful native dances of every region, from the highlands to the rain forest to the northern seacoast.

Having started out 22 years ago on the streets of Harvard Square, Cambridge, Inca Son's story is the stuff of legend. The band has played on some of the greatest stages around the world, including across the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Europe. They've entertained at the Salt Lake City Olympics; for throngs at soccer's World Cup; and played before ex-Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Their main mission is to keep alive their Inca legacy, and as such they seek to share their music and dance culture through workshops and residencies for students of all levels.

"Their sweet, airy Peruvian melodies can (move a listener to tears)... And in person, replete with brightly colored feathered costumes... Inca Son is a sight to behold." (Bob Young, Boston Herald)

Inca Son was recently called by the Providence Journal "one of the most exciting world music bands on the East Coast. Their music stays with you long after the concert ends."


Andean Village

Written By: Cesar Villalobos

Andean Village

The time has come for me to leave
I return to the village
The one I never should have left.
My luggage is full
Of the things I learned
Of different types of cultures
In which I've lived.

I left young to fulfill my yearnings
Andean village so close to heaven
The most beautiful thing of all in this world
I never left you
I was always there
Village girl, I come back to find you
Forgive me for being gone
In my heart you were always there
Today I return to you,
Until death.

I found racism
But I overcame it
Proud of my race,
Inca blood within me
My hair is long, and copper my skin
But my bones are white,
And great my heart.


Andean Village

Ha llegado el momento
En que tengo que partir
Yo regreso hacia mi pueblo
Del cual no debi salir.
Esta lleno mi equipaje
De cosas que aprendi
De culturas diferentes
Donde un dia vivi.

Sali pequeno a cumplir mis anhelos
Pueblo andino tan cerca del cielo
Lo mas hermoso que hay en este mundo
Yo jamas me fui
Siempre estuve ahi.
Nina del pueblo, regreso a buscarte.
Perdon te pido por estar ausente.
En mi corazon siempre estuvistes presente.
Hoy regreso a ti hasta el morir.

Me encontre con el racismo
Pero yo lo supere
Orgulloso de mi raza
Sangre Inca en mi ser
Por tener el pelo largo
Y cobrizo mi color
Pero blanco son mis huesos
Y tengo grande el corazon.


El Abuelito (The Grandfather)

Written By: Cesar Villalobos

Music and lyrics by Cesar Villalobos


With all my affection, my love, and my respect
To all the elders
Especially to my beloved Grandfather Clemente
For his more than 100 years of life.

I sing to all the elders
That live around the world
And also to my grandfather
At his 113 years of age
Wrinkles of knowledge
Line his noble face
White is his hair
His steps ever more slow.

Grandfather, tell me your story
From when you were a boy
I know you worked so hard,
You deserve rest and love
Life flees you,
Leaving the seeds you've sown,
They will follow in your steps
and live by your teachings.

I ask respect for all elders
Because one day you will be one
All roads ultimately unite
And your time too will come.

Music and lyrics by Cesar Villalobos


Con todo mi cariño, mi amor y mi respeto
A todos los mayores, a todos los ancianos
En especial a mi querido Abuelo Clemente
Con más de 100 años de vida.

Canto a todos los ancianos
que viven en el mundo entero
También a mi gran abuelo
de 113 años de vida
Arrugas de sabiduría
reflejan en su noble rostro
y blanca es su cabellera
su paso cada vez más lento.

Abuelo cuentame tu historia
desde cuando eras niño
Se que trabajaste tanto
mereces descanso y cariño
Por que se te va la vida
dejando todas tus semillas
Son quienes seguiran tus huellas
basado en tus enseñanzas

¡Pido respeto pa' los ancianos
por que algún dia tu lo serás
Todos los caminos van unidos
y tu tiempo tambien llegará.

Miskiñawi - Tender Eyes

Written By: Cesar Villalobos

Written for my beautiful daughter. A tender-eyed princess. Ñusta is the
Quechua term for *royalty.* Miski*s brother Inti was named for the
Inca God of the Sun.

Miskiñawi - Tender Eyes

Pretty ñusta Miskiñawi , I want to hear your smile
Your eyes are those bright stars that light my path
Little mountain of the Andes, I want to dance with you
Little Peruvian flower of the Inca, I will never stop loving you.
Playing with Inti and the children, dressed as a rainbow
Little girl symbol of happiness, little mermaid of this beautiful sea
Tender eyes, I need your beautiful glance
Where can you be? I will never forget you.

Inti: Papa César?
Miskiñawi: I want Papa César. Hi, Papi!
César: Hello, my children.
Miskiñawi: I love you, Papa.
César: I also love you very much, Inti and Miskiñawi. I love you with
my entire soul. With all the force of the seas and the mountains. I vow
to always, always watch over you.

Miskiñawi - Ojos Tiernos

Linda ñusta Miskiñawi tu sonrisa quiero escuchar
Son tus ojos esos luceros que alumbran mi caminar
Montañita de los Andes ay contigo quiero bailar
Peruanita flor de los Incas no te dejaré de amar.
Con Inti y vestida de Arco Iris, con los niños te ibas a jugar
Niña símbolo de alegría, Sirenita de este lindo mar
Tiernos ojos, necesito tu bello mirar

Donde estarás? Nunca te podré olvidar.

Inti: Papá Cesar?
Miskiñawi: Quiero a Papá César. Hola, Papi!
César: Hola, mis niños.
Miskiñawi: Te quiero, Papa.
César: Yo también los quiero mucho, Inti y Miskiñawi. Los quiero con toda mi alma. Con todas las fuerzas de los Mares y las Montañas. Y les juro que siempre, siempre velaré por ustedes.

Cholita Tania

Written By: Cesar Villalobos

Cholita Tania

"Cholita" is a term of endearment in the Andes.

Because I'm an Indian with long hair and dark skin
I play my panpipes, dance huaynitos, and am not at all aristocratic
Outcast by your family that say I'm not right for you
They want a son-in-law with white skin and a lot of money.

But you'll come with me to the land of the Andes,
And you'll marry me and be happy, cholita Tania
And if you love me that's what matters
It's more important than gold, race and color
Don't worry about riches
This has no value for the soul
Let's go, cholita, let's go away singing
Follow what your heart tells you
You'll soon have children to care for
And we'll be happy with our love.

Our love, pure like a light
Not even death can end it
Ascopemanta opens its arms
And takes delight in us
Mama Ysidora is very happy
She'll meet you soon
You'll be my queen, the most beautiful, mistaken for a flower.

Cholita Tania

Porque soy indio de pelo largo y trigueño tengo mi color
Toco mis sikus, bailo huaynitos, y no soy aristocrático,
Soy marginado por tu familia que dicen que no te convengo,
Quieren un yerno de piel muy blanca y que tenga mucho dinero,

Pero tú vendrás conmigo a la tierra de los Andes,
Y te casarás conmigo y feliz serás, cholita Tania
Y si tú me quieres eso es lo que importa
Vale más que el oro, raza y color
Ya no hagas caso a la riqueza
Que en el alma eso no tiene valor
Vámonos, cholita, vamos cantando
Sigue lo que dice tu corazón
Pronto tendrás niños para cuidarlos
Y feliz seremos con nuestro amor.

Nuestro amor puro como una luz
Ni la muerte lo podrá apagar
Ascopemanta abre sus brazos
Y a los dos nos regocijará
Mama Ysidora está muy contenta
Que pronto ya te conocerá
Serás mi reina, la más hermosa, y entre flores te confundirás.

(Repetir coro)

Vamos, vámonos, cholita, hay que ir donde nos quieren,
Ahí te están esperando tus cuycitos.


Inca Son has released 12 CD's and one live concert DVD to date:

Vol. 1: Ascope, Tierra del Amanecer (Ascope, Land of the Dawn)
Vol. 2: Vamos a mi Tierra (Let's Go to my Land)
Vol. 3: Canto a la Libertad (Song to Freedom)
Vol. 4: Mi Cambio (My Change) instrumentals
Vol. 5: Paz en la Tierra (Peace on Earth)
Vol. 6: Romance Magico (Magical Romance) instrumentals
Vol. 7: Miskiñawi
Vol. 8: Cuando el Cielo Llora (When the Heavens Cry) instrumentals
Vol. 9: Espíritu Libre (Free Spirit) instrumentals
Vol. 10: El Regreso del Inca (Return of the Inca)
Vol. 11: Paraíso (Paradise) instrumentals
Vol. 12: Live at the Sanders Theatre, Harvard University
DVD Live at the Sanders Theatre, Harvard University
Vol. 13: Alegría (Happiness)

These CD's can be purchased or digitally downloaded at, ITunes., or artist's website,

Set List

Our typical set list for an hour-length show is about 10 songs, including traditional folk tunes and original music. Our original song "Trip through the Andes Mountains" won the 2007 Independent Music Award for "Best World Song" and so is usually played as an encore. When we are booked with our Folk Dancers, we invite the promoter to view a live concert video to choose from our extensive repertory, if they are not acquainted with the world of Peruvian folk dance. We work with the promoter on creating the right blend of music/dance to suit the venue, and also assist in drafting program material in both English and Spanish.