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Through all Time

Written By: Marianne Ruggiero (me!)

Through all Time

Teardrops on my windowpane
Beat the rhythm of your name
One more sleepless night, can I get through
Without you?

Reach across to touch your hair
Desperate hand just grasps the air
Call your name in loneliness and fear
You're not here.

That gentle voice just like a song
The love we made until the dawn
Our house, our home, now cold and gray
You've left forever, gone away
(And I can't hold you anymore!)

In dreams I see your face again
That face I loved, my life, my friend
I wake, the dream just melts away
A brand new day.

Stumble to the kitchen sink
Pour myself another drink
Old, familiar haze spreads through my veins
Stops the pain.
Memories cloud my fevered head
Sounds remembered, words you said.
Ghosts of love that play across my mind
One more time.

I hear your laugh so wild and free
Recall the way you looked at me
Recall the way you closed your eyes
The day you said your last good-bye
(And I can't live life without you!)

I look out on the empty lane
Where once we caught the summer rain
Those days we thought would never end
Remember when, remember when?
(The memories haunt my aching mind)

I wonder if you're on a star
And gaze at me from where you are
And if your love for me will shine
Through all time
(Voice dims to whisper, then fades: Through all time...)

by Marianne Ruggiero