In Cat State

In Cat State



In Cat State was formed in the summer of 2005 as a collaboration between producer/guitarist Michael Lawson & vocalist/bassist Shana Marmon. The music combines elements of country, rock & electronica to create a haunting
sound that is at once dark, sexy & compelling.
Shana has recorded and performed with a number of different projects including Motel Girl (dum records), Opal (paved earth music) and Bocardo (topaz records). Along the way, she has worked with producers from Ric Wake (Quiet Riot) to Kurt Rawlske (Ultra Vivid Scene) and is presently featured on one of J&R Music World’s top selling drum and bass recordings (Bocardo).
Michael comes from a classical and jazz guitar background and has performed extensively as a solo artist and session musician. He has more recently begun producing and mixing sound for film and TV commercials.


Echo of Me

Written By: In Cat State

Starlight lounge disco
In deep blue stereo
Hiding out behind the day
It’s easier to slip away

Broken down lullabys
A fading shadow cries
Open wounds are never sewn
When a heart is left alone

Nothing to see
It’s just an echo of me
Memory won’t last so long
I’m gone

Red neon concrete
Stains dashboard bed sheets
Catching whispers in the rain
Hissing stoplights all complain

Midnight on the Moon

Written By: In Cat State

A nameless heart
Grows still more dark
Indifferent stars
In the familiar walls of night

A midnight on the moon
The stale air
Breaking all in two
Running away out of sight

Never can hide
You’re only happy when I cry
Never can hide
You’re only happy when I cry

I’m sinking deeper
Than the drowned
So you can be
A hand on the other shore

Past endless steps
Where welled up eyes
No longer see
That nothing stays anymore

Never can hide
You’re only happy when I cry
Never can hide
You’re only happy when I cry


Radio Airplay: College Radio, East Village Radio

Set List

Typical Set list: 9 songs
Length: 45 min
No Covers