In Caves

In Caves


Well crafted 4 minute rock/americana/pop songs that blend unique melodies with great vocals and smart lyrics.


We here at In Caves Inc. thought we would tell a bit about ourselves. We have been making music and this, that and the other since as early as at least 2003. Spring. Perhaps Paris. Before this, different people played different music in different musical groups, but as to the exact whos and whats, it’s all a bit foggy now. When we came to, we found ourselves in a Greenwood basement deep in the heart of Seattle all plugged in and ready to go. Influenced by bands such as Uncle Tupelo, Neil Young, and a little Superchunk, the music we make flows from a solid pop sensibility. Not too bad, someone said. Encouraged by some great live shows in Seattle, we recorded and produced 2 ep's on our own and continue to enjoy making and playing great music.


Self-titled EP - 2004
Our song Wow & Flutter played on KZOK 102.5 in September 2005.

The Silver Lining EP 2006
Just released in February, all songs available free at

Set List

We like to play a tight setlist of about 60-90 minutes, although we have the material to play longer. An average number of songs is 12-18. Most shows we play one cover, usually a Pixies or Blondie song.